Sunday, December 18, 2011

Commentary on the Psalms: St. Bellarmine

I just bought myself a Christmas gift! Well, that is the excuse I am using for the purchase of my new Bellarmine commentary on the Psalms book. There is a wealth of spiritual guidance offered in this 380 plus page coffee table sized book. Each Psalm is expounded upon by one our great Saints of the Church in extensive commentary, perfect for sitting home at the desk for spiritual contemplation. This along with St. Augustine's commentary should be sufficient for years or perhaps even a lifetime of examining the Psalms. If you are still looking for Christmas gifts, this will make a nice one.


Meem said...

I borrowed a copy from a college library but have yet to find that I use it much. I began by wanting to know what St.Bellarmine said about Ps.18:6,7. Do you happen to refer to it by what you encounter each day in the Missal or divine office or do you use it in some other way?

Matthew Bellisario said...

I use for spiritual reading. I just started from the beginning, no special order or anything.

Justin said...

Please do a thorough review of this book when you get the chance, as i am very interested in it. I pray the psalms every day in the order they are in in the Divine Office. If this book can open up the Psalter Christologically then I will want to buy it.

I have the Orthodox priest Patrick Henry Reardon's Christ in the Psalms and it is quite good but I'd love a really good solid Catholic one.