Friday, October 14, 2011

Thomas Woods On The Economy

Thomas Woods has a point on the economy.  


Nick said...

He has a point, and is right on a lot of things, but his official position goes directly contrary to Pius XI's Ubi Arcanum. Woods denies the Social Kingship of Christ, which is critical for a truly stable and free society.

James Bellisario said...

I'll tell you what. Email Tom Woods and tell him he is going against the Social Kingship of Christ. Lets see how he responds. Id love to see what he has to say about it.

James Bellisario said...

I emailed him about your comment here. I have heard others make the same accusation about him. Maybe if he has the time he will respond.

James Bellisario said...

It seems that Woods has answered similar accusations made against him on his website, under the articles section. So far, I do not follow how he is going against the encyclical that you quoted or the Social Kingship of Christ. I am becoming a bit perplexed about how people are interpreting these social encyclicals.

Jonathan D'Souza said...

Want to know how to fix the economy? God gave us that answer years ago. He set up the stable economy in the Bible when He formed Israel as a nation. It went like this...

I AM God.

I AM the creator of all.

EVERYTHING belongs to Me.

EVERYTHING you have is a result of My Providence.

Render unto Me the things that are Mine.

Give Alms, give generously, help your fellow man.

And as law, on the Jubliee year, settle your debts. If one is unable to pay, then release them of their debts. If you are holding anyone's ancestral land and they require it to live and survive, give it back to them. If any among you are slaves or their children are slaves, you are to release them unless they wish to continue to serve you. Do this, because I the Lord have a right to EVERYTHING, and your mercy and goodess shall not be in vain.

Thus the Jubliee years and the observances of ancient Israel would help RESET the economy and lives of people back to something managable. Authorities would rightly decide who could settle their debts and who was unable to pay it. Rich men would still be rish if only a little lesser, others would be alright. And the poor and unfortunate would get a helping hand. And as for those who would take advantage of this for their own opportunity, let the Lord deal with them.

In other words, a managable SACRIFICE was required on behalf of those who had much or were advantaged to help things along. For everything belonged to God, and God would remember those who gave, not because man made policies like socialism demanded such things, but it was in order to give thanks and honor God by observing His commandments and doing so for the sake of a stable society.

Sadly this sort of thing would never be accepted by people today. But that's because we've come so far away from the era of ancient Israel who wandered the desert and finally set foot upon the Promised Land and whose enemies fell before them with the help of God. So they valued this.

Unfortunately a time came when Israel would not honor this anymore and under King Solomon, as his lust for wealth and fame grew, and as he overtaxed the people, and led them into sin and idolatory, the last straw between Israel and God was broken when they refused to set free their own people who became as slaves in the Jubliee year, forgetting that they once were slaves and God had led them out of Egypt. So, they were exiled.

History is going to repeat itself. People are going to become so indebted to those over them that they become as slaves, and be further led into sin thourhg idolatory and false religions and beliefs and apostasy. Then God will act, and punishment will come upon us all.