Sunday, September 11, 2011

New York City Committing Racial Suicide

The abortion rate for New York city is reported to be a staggering 41%! That means almost half of the future population is being snuffed out before they see the light of day. This is an absolutely disturbing statistic. The national abortion rate is about half of what is being reported for NYC, which is a sickening thought on its own. Any nation or state that kills the unborn is not going to last long, and any politician who thinks that abortion on demand is a good thing is not fit for office, so vote them out. There is nothing at this point and time as important as this issue when it comes to the survival of our country as we know it. This atrocity strikes at the heart of humanity and the at the heart of the family.

When we see something this heinous going on all around us, I pity the clergy and laypeople who are wasting their time and money addressing capital punishment. Lets get our priorities straight. If one has the time to write an appeal letter for every convicted killer about to receive a just punishment for their heinous crime, and yet one fails to write a letter every time an innocent life is snuffed out, they are committing a most grievous hypocrisy. I find it quite disturbing that we have diocesan conferences and meetings to abolish a just means of punishment for guilty murderous criminals, and yet we have so few to stop the crime of mass murder. Until I see letters going out from these bishops each day to abortion clinics and the politicians who are supporting murder,  I cannot take seriously their stand or efforts to stop abortion, and therefore I cannot take them seriously in their efforts to curb capital punishment. Enough is enough. If Catholics were united and serious in their efforts to stop abortion, we could do it very quickly.


scotju said...

Your comment about the hypocrisy of the bleeding heart clergy and their lay associates on abortion and the death penalty is right on target. They are soooo concerned with sparing the life of a depraved murderer they neglect the salvation of his immortal soul, while they refuse to get really serious about the mass murders that take place right under their noses! Oh, they'll lecture our good Catholics about stoping abortion, but as you pointed out, they won't send out letters to the clinic owners or the politician, nor will they excommunicate disobedient Catholics, especially politicians, who support this slaughter!
A couple of cynical asides.
The high abortion rate in NYC might not be a bad thing. It's the home of our liberal news media, or crooked banking houses, the UN, our leading liberal families and edcational institutions. If this keeps up, we won't have to worry about liberalism as a major factor in the USA anymore!
I wonder what the murder and abortion rates in Seattle are like. I suspect one prominent anti-death penalty advocate who lives in that town could give us the numbers! Cynical LOL!

Alan Aversa said...

Yes, the next time I hear a Catholic, priest or layman, say the Church is for abolishing the death penalty, I will point out to this hypocrite that over 4,000 death penalties of innocent people occur everyday in the U.S.

Another scary statistic is that 43% of women under 45 in the U.S. have had an abortion. There are myriads of hurting women out there.