Sunday, September 4, 2011

Article Puts Germans at the Top of the CDF List

I have tried my best today to refrain from negativity, yet this recent article has gotten the best of me. Stay tuned, I do have an extensive article coming up which is more positive! That being said, here it is. There has been talk over the last month or so regarding who will fill the role for the prefect of the CDF. With Cardinal Levada set to retire several names have come up as to who will fill the role next. A recent article named two Germans as being at the top of the list. Both are quite young, and if given the role, they could be there for years to come. One of the candidates named is Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna. This would certainly be disastrous to have such a sloppy theologian heading one of the most powerful offices in the Church. Well known for his irreverent liturgical practices (Watch this video as he makes a complete mockery of the Mass) and his sloppy modernist style of theological writing, he would possibly bring theological confusion in the Church to an unprecedented level. It is said that the Pope favors the German theologians who he has befriended over the years, which is shame. This has in my opinion been a weakness for Pope Benedict XVI.  What other reason would he keep a feeble, apathetic character like Schonborn hanging around so close? It seems that he surrounds himself with German theologians, which is in my opinion promulgating a very narrow theological system, much of which is not based on Thomistic principles. Modernism has been a trademark of Schonborn. For example, in 1996, it is reported that Cardinal Schönborn on Austrian TV said that someone who had AIDS may use a condom as a "lesser evil," but he quickly cautioned, "no one could affirm that the use of a condom is the ideal in sexual relations." Such is the track record of the sloppy Janus face Cardinal, who in my opinion has no business being a Cardinal or Archbishop, let alone the head of the CDF. Hopefully the Holy Father will pass him over without a second thought.

The other candidate mentioned, Cardinal Gerhardt Ludwig Muller of Regensburg, I am not very familiar with. I do know that he is very familiar with Pope Benedict's theological positions since he is appointed to compile all of his works. He has also has served within the CDF for a time, and has an extensive theological writing career with over 100 scholarly works concerning dogmatics, ecumenism, the priesthood and other subjects relating to the faith. Muller was outspoken when the excommunications of the SSPX were lifted by the Pope, wanting the SSPX seminary of Zaitzkofen closed down. He is also quoted as saying, "The four bishops of the SSPX should all resign..." He has worked extensively on the ecumenical front, yet I have little information on his particular theological positions. We will have to see how this all shakes out, but let us pray that the Holy Father makes a solid choice.


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