Tuesday, September 13, 2011

America, Politics and the Absence of God

America, Politics and the Absence of God
Matthew James Bellisario 2011

    We are moving towards one of the most important presidential elections the Unites States has ever seen. We find ourselves on the verge of financial collapse, driven primarily by greed, materialism, irreligion and gross arrogance. The president who now wields his warped will, like many dictators before him, finds himself at odds with the common good, decent morals and the Catholic religion. His distaste for all that is right is made known by his actions, which brew a mad pot of hate for his fellow man. How can a man who promotes the killing of innocent babies be a trustful human being? How much can a man care for his fellow man when he tells them lie after lie? Can such a man be taken seriously as the “leader” of a nation? How can such a man have been elected to such a lofty position among men? The answer is very plain and very simple. The people of America put him there, and they wanted him there. This crisis that we have in our nation today is not due to the ill will of one man, this noxious president, no, but it is due to the ill will of many men who collaborated to put him in power.

    As we ponder the dethronement of this madman, who is to replace him? Yes, any of the GOP candidates are surely an improvement. But a slight improvement on a huge failure fails to instill in me a feeling of grandeur. Do we jump for joy when we find ourselves narrowly escaping from a ravaged burning plane, only to find that our parachute is not opening on the way down? Sure we have not burned, but we only extended our breath for a few short moments before we either find our spare chute, or we hit the ground. We find ourselves on the burning plane as we speak, and surely we will take our chances with the parachute. But where will we ultimately find ourselves as a nation, if those who we elect into office put themselves above God and the natural law?

    As I watched the GOP candidates last evening I was hardly impressed with any of them. Again, yes, I would vote for any one of them to get off of the burning plane, just to have that chance for survival, but, are any of them that solid parachute that will land us all safely on the green grass below? From what I can see, the answer is no. Not one of the candidates mentioned God one time. They all talked about how they were going to repeal Obama Care, change our foreign policy, drill for oil, build a giant fence, etc, etc. But none of them mentioned the origins of their moral character. It was as if they were all going to single handedly change the direction of the country on their own. My favorite candidate so far, despite his lack of charisma, is probably Ron Paul. He makes the most sense out of the candidates on most of the issues. He has the common sense not over extend ourselves militarily and financially. Likewise he sees the necessity of the Church, not the State, as having the responsibility to care for those who need help. He also seems to understand the basic principles of the Constitution, as it was originally intended. Yet, among all of these positive and melodic notes, there is a melancholic dirge playing in the background. He has denied core tenets of the Christian faith while yet claiming to be a Christian. So, we must realize that where God does not rule, man will rule, and when man rules without reference to God and all of God’ laws, man and nation will fail miserably. If we put a man in office based only on dollars and cents, so that we can all continue living our lives based on materialism, we are not going to make it far.

    One of the traits that most of our early American bishops possessed, was the understanding and drive to point this reality out to the average American. Catholic or not, the early American bishops went to great lengths to promote the truth of Catholicism. They viewed America’s soil as being rich, yet uncultivated. God was of primary importance to most of them, and their actions and words revealed this reality. They knew that if the country did not move further to embrace God and His Church, that it would eventually deteriorate. Unless this country is largely converted to the true faith, where men and women have the moral compass to live in and run a morally licit society, we are all going to end up dead on the ground. Unless we have moral, upright Catholics running for office, and moral upright Catholics who will vote for them, we are going to have the same miserable failures that we are witnessing today. America, largely based on Christian principles over the past 250 or so years has been a nation above the rest because of her embrace of that moral code. Has it ever been perfect? No. Were the founding fathers saints? No. But most of them at least had a grounding in Christian morality, and that can take a nation down the path a good stretch. Yet, we as Catholics should know that America deserves to have the full truth written on her heart. We can compare the country to the common person. Like a man who grows up having a decent upbringing, and yet does not possess the true faith, can go one of two ways. He can turn and go about his way eventually losing his moral compass, giving up what little regard he had for God, or he can continue to seek the truth and gradually come to know Him, finally embracing Him. Like a man, a nation or state can either convert, or it can spiral into itself ending in total ruin.

    At this point in time, America is that man who has turned away from that decent upbringing, and has now embraced a life of debauchery and immorality. He is the man who cheats on his wife, spends money beyond his means, picks fights in the bar with anyone who looks at him wrong, and then acts as if God did not exist. He laughs at those who tell him that his lifestyle is wrong, and he mocks those who live a life that embraces God. America as a nation has become that pitiable man, alienated from God, void of most goodness, and on the brink of hell. Yet, somewhere deep inside there is that light that still burns for the truth. There is a hope that the nation will wake up and realize what a sham it has embraced, which will only lead it to total ruin. The Catholic man and women is bound to live and act on the truth which has been instilled in him by God. Every Catholic, clergy and laymen alike is responsible for this country in as much as we are duty bound to God for the form of government which he has placed over us. Is it the most desirable form of government? Perhaps not, but Catholics in the past have been dealt worse hands than the one we have been dealt at this table. They did not give up on converting those in power in their trying times, finding themselves often under the most cruel rule of tyrants.

    Yes, I think that we must try and stop the bleeding of our nation with this upcoming election, and I intend to vote out the beady eyed villain who sits arrogantly in the White House with his spindly legs propped up on the desk, watching our country burn, with a snide smirk on his face. I do however doubt that whoever is elected is going to get us more than out the door of that smoking, burning plane, that is spiraling towards the earth. How the one true faith is preached and embraced among the citizens of this country is going to determine whether or not this country survives in any recognizable form or fashion. Without God, we are on a burning plane with a parachute packed by a hack, and its a long way down to contemplate that big thump at the end of the fall. It is time that the Catholic Church steps up to promote Christ and the truth, which can ultimately set us all free. Its not about shady politics anymore, its about who we choose to serve. The same choice is put before us that has been put before man since the fall of Adam. God or man? Serviam or non-serviam?

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