Saturday, July 2, 2011

Taking a Blog Sabbatical

I will be taking a blog sabbatical for awhile to determine if I should keep this blog going or retire it. I have been writing on this blog for over three years now, and it may be time to move on to other things.

Matthew J. Bellisario


Alexander Greco said...

I say keep it going, but use it as a way to support those Thomist scholars who have not been given the exposure that the pop-apologists have been given.

croixmom said...

I have learned so much from your blog!

On the other hand, I can certainly agree that if maintaining it, frequently causes you to get embroiled in passionate defense of the faith, maybe it's not so healthy. Basically, if the blog causes you spiritual damage, you need to either pack on reinforcements, or get away from it. When Jerome retreated to a hermitage, he didn't stop communicating with his contemporaries and making ultimately, an enormous impact on the future on the Curch.

I think Alex has a great suggestion.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Thanks for the kind words. I am evaluating on what I am going to do with the blog. I am thinking in moving in that direction of just using the blog to promote good books and theologians and not much else. Perhaps as I read through books I will write an article on each of them.

Most people are just not open to debating theological issues. In fact, Catholic Answers just kicked me off of their forum, because another member of the forum wanted to attack me rather than debate an issue. Instead of reeling him in they banned me for "agenda posting" and "attacking others". I am also apparently a "radical traditionalist" who rejects Church teaching. They then deleted the entire thread. Fortunately I saved the text of the thread before they kicked me off, so I have what was actually written. Par for the course these days. Oh, well, I guess it comes with the territory. Thanks again.

scotju said...

Matt, keep the blog going, just don't waste your time with the idiots in the pop-apologist world. Don't bother getting into endless controversies with the likes of Mark Shea or James Swan. If they say or do something that outrages Catholic sensitivities, make a comment and move on. These people don't want to be confused with the facts, their mind is already made up. Trying to reason with them is a waste of time. Look at what has happened to Dave Armstrong. His blog constantly attacks Robert Sungenis and the Beggers All crowd. He seems to want to pick a fight with people if they p.o. him in some way. I think it has to do more with his ego than his so-called orthodoxy. He wants to be "accepted" and the rejection of his views, wheather by a Robert Sungenis, you, or the Beggers All gang seems to really get under his skin.
Instead of wasting your time with the pop-apologist crowd, give us some exposure to the good stuff you've been talking about. If a Mark Shea type comes on board and tries to draw you into a long drawn out arguement that will go nowhere, just tell him that we're adults here, if you want to throw a temper tantrum, go to CAEI, or some other pop-apologist blog where immature behavior is accepted and encouraged, especially if it's directed against solid, traditional Catholics.