Sunday, July 3, 2011

Moving In a New Direction

I know, that was a short sabbatical! Over the past three years or so I have engaged in a variety of different issues in regard to the Catholic faith on this blog. I have engaged in apologetics, debating Protestants as well other Catholics who I have disagreed with over various issues. I have also written articles on various Catholic doctrine such as the Mass, the veneration of the Saints, and moral issues such as the death penalty. Sometimes I have shared my thoughts on current events pertaining to Catholicism. Of late, I have also sought to promote the work of solid Thomistic theologians and other solid reading material which I find interesting and helpful to those who profess the Catholic Faith. After much thought I have decided to move this blog further in that direction.

In the future I will be using this blog primarily to promote solid Catholic reading material. I will do so by writing book reviews on publications in which I think will help Catholics to dig into the rich faith which we profess. One of the primary ways to stop the modernist crisis which plagues the Church today is to educate ourselves. In order to do that we must know what authors and theologians are reputable, and promote their work to others. There are so many books being published today, that it is very hard to discern who is on the level and who is not. With the limited time we have it is helpful to know what books are worth spending the time to read. I have spent the last several years of my life reading books pertaining to Catholicism. I am a convert from Protestantism and Orthodoxy to Catholicism, so I have done quite a bit of reading along the way, and over the past 15 years I have collected over 2000 volumes in my personal library. I think a positive way that my investment can be used is to share it with others.

I feel that there is more to be gained by promoting these largely unknown Catholic theologians and authors, than spending large amounts of time writing my own material, or engaging in online debates. To those who I have insulted in the past when engaging in these polemics, I apologize. Often times zeal has gotten the better of my charity. At any rate, I am not in the same league as these authors and theologians whom I will be promoting. They have already answered all of the tough questions, and have responded to the feeble arguments of those, both in and out of the Church, who have opposed the truth. The great shame of it all is that most of these theologians and authors are not promoted in the large Catholic media outlets such as EWTN. The average Catholic has probably never heard of Dr. Steven A. Long. I hope that this will change over time, and this blog is now my effort to promote the work of these important, yet unknown authors.

Certainly, there is no amount of reading material that can plumb the depths of Jesus Christ or His Church. There is also no substitute for prayer, visiting Christ in the Sacraments or reading Sacred Scripture. But hopefully we can learn more about Him from these publications so that we can love Christ in a deeper manner, and come to understand the fullness of the faith which we profess. In doing so we can help others that we run into on a day to day basis to also find the truth of Jesus Christ and the one Church that He gave us. We can also help to restore the proper understanding of the Catholic faith to those in the Church. So this is now going to be the primary goal of my blog. For those who are familiar with the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter and the Latin Mass, I will continue to promote their work, of which I am happy to be a part of at Christ the King in Sarasota, Florida. I will leave the comments on for those who want to share information or their thoughts. If you want to debate however, you will have to find someplace else for that. The material that I want to promote says all I have to say. If you want to debate them, then have at it. They do not need me to defend their work. Stay tuned for my book review of Dr. Steven A. Long's 'Teleological Grammar of the Moral Act." Thank you for continuing to stop by!


scotju said...

Matt, your new direction is the right direction. While it's indeed nessasary from time to time to rebuke wrong ideas and opinions, it's better to explain what he right ideas are in the first place. We need exposure to the writings of sound theologians that have stood the test of time. Go for it Matt, I'm with you 100%.

kkollwitz said...

"...writing book reviews on publications in which I think will help Catholics to dig into the rich faith which we profess."

Sounds good to me.