Monday, June 20, 2011

Latest Statement By Father Corapi and His Order

Today, June 20th, Father Corapi has given another audio explanation of what he has decided to do regarding his vocation as a priest. He says that he resigned because his canon lawyers told him that he cannot receive a fair trial, and that he would never be able to continue on as a priest ever again. So he has decided that he has no choice but to resign. Father Corapi explains that he is not leaving the Church, that he is not admitting guilt, but he will not be acting as a priest any longer. Any thoughts?

It appears that Fr. Corapi's superior had asked him to return to the main SOLT community, which is the order that Fr. Corapi was a part of. If this is the case, shouldn't Father Corapi have done so, since that was his superior's wish? I am further convinced that he is making a huge mistake if this is the case. Read the entire story here.

He (Father Sheehan) expressed disappointment that Father Corapi chose not to remain in SOLT and to refuse the order’s invitation for him to live in community, leaving his Montana home. Father Sheehan said he had tried to arrange a meeting with Father Corapi before any final decision was announced, but had not heard back from him. Father Sheehan said that SOLT would issue a statement shortly.

We wanted him to come back to the community, and that would have meant leaving everything he has. It would have been a drastic change for him,” Father Sheehan said. “We will continue to move pastorally and charitably, taking steps to protect his good name.”

Update II

Here is the official statement by the SOLT.

"The SOLT is deeply saddened that Fr. Corapi is suffering distress. The SOLT is further saddened by Fr. Corapi’s response to these allegations. The SOLT will do all within its power to assist Fr. Corapi if he desires to seek a dispensation from his rights and obligations as a priest and as a professed member of the SOLT. "

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croixmom said...

Interestingly, the official statement by the SOLT says nothing about having asked Fr. Corapi to give up his hermitage and come live in community.

Fr. Corapi has always been such a staunch defender of the Truth. I don't think he's going to allow the devil to silence him so easily. His explanation on his website today was very reassuring to me. If the system is broken to the extent that the truth cannot or will not prevail, it would seem that perhaps Fr. Corapi is taking the correct action.

Heck. I am able to enjoy the awesomeness of the Latin Mass because of brave, bold, courageous clerics and laity who kept their eyes on what is important.