Thursday, June 30, 2011

iMass App Now Available on Android Platform

It has been about a year since iMass was launched for the iPhone. The streaming video of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass has been a great success so far, and after having been upgraded for the iPad later last year with HD, we now have a complete new version to run on the Android platform. There are two versions, a free lite version which will have Sunday masses only, and then a purchase app which will have daily Mass, sermons and other cool features that will be handy to have such as the breviary. The only down side to the Droid app is that it does not stream like the Apple products do. It downloads in short bursts of a few seconds, so the playback is not as smooth as on the Apple products and it takes longer to load. I believe however that there is a fix coming in a later Android release. For those who love the Extraordinary Form of the Mass this will be another cool app to have. Pass it along! Here is the link for the pay edition, and here is the lite version. Do not be fooled by imposters using the iMass name. The authentic one is produced by Anchorite Productions.

For some screen shots of the Apple version click here.

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