Monday, May 23, 2011

Pfleger Makes a Mockery Out of the Priesthood

Watch this video of Pfleger making the Catholic Church look like a circus. As usual Cardinal George plays the fool.

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scotju said...

If Fr. Flakey is making the Catholic Church look like a circs, Cdl George must be Bozo the Clown, ans Pfleger is Ringmaster Neil! All joking aside, Cdl George was derelect in his responsiblities again. Pfleger isn't going to change anytime soon, he's hardened, leftist rabble-rouser. He doesn't matter where he'll be, his ideology will cause trouble whereever he's assigned. Cdl George, IMHO, is a coward who will not do the right thing. He'll save face, but he won't exercise disipline to set up his arch-diocese the way it should be. It's more important for him to be a nice guy than to be a good bishop.