Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fr. Anthony Ruff On Jesus' Words In The Bible

Here is another update on the liberals over at the Pray Tell blog. Fr. Anthony Ruff is all upset because Saint Benedicts Press has published the new NABRE Bible with Our Lord's words in red. He says the following, "Here’s the deal breaker: Saint Benedict Press prints the words of Our Lord are in red! Just like the Protestant fundamentalists. Just what you need if you think everything attributed to Jesus in the canonical Gospels was said by him..." Wow, sounds like a deal breaker to me. Never mind the modernist scholarship. Just don't draw any attention to what Jesus said, or may have said, or what someone thought he heard Him say, or who heard from someone else what He might have said. Maybe Fr. Ruff really didn't write that. Maybe he isn't even in this time dimension. You get the idea, right? Give me a break. This reminds me of something Jesus said, "O faithless and twisted generation, how long am I to be with you?" Oh wait, that is probably one of those things He never said right?


scotju said...

This Fr Ruff is a hoot! It's incrediable that he would get so upset that he would get so upset about our Lord's words being printed in red because it's "fundamentalist"! These religious liberals, wheather they're Catholic or Protestant, always wave the the "F" word around to stigmatize those of us who actually believe the orthodox teachings of the faith, instead of the new, improved progressive verison, as backwoods hill-billies. Sadly, even so-called Catholic apologists like Mark Shea or David Armstrong will smear orthodox Catholics who refuse to believe in theistic evolution as fundamentalist. Well, I have an "F" word for these guys, F-O-O-L!

Anil Wang said...

Well to be fair, it is true that the gospel writers didn't have a stenographer on hand to note down every word Jesus said, not was it necessary to express what Jesus said. So yes, this much is correct.

But the point is, Jesus said what was written down even if we don't have the exact words. To reject a Bible that makes this explicit says more about the rejector than the Bible.

The funny thing is, red letter Bibles are actually *less* Protestant than uncolored Bibles since modern Protestants tend to focus more on a selected reading of Paul than Jesus.

Matthew Bellisario said...

I was reading through the comments and Fr. Ruff was so mad when he saw the red lettering that he didn't even look at the Old Testament, which is where most of the actual changed were made, as I understand it.

He wrote, "Sorry – I honestly didn’t look at it before mailing my copy back. I wanted to be able to send it back in perfect condition.
I’m sure Oxford and Catholic Book and the others will soon be out.
I’m very hopeful the OT will be good."

Earlier on he even said that he wants the "authorities" to ban red lettering! He gets upset when the authorities give him a new Mass translation, then he turns around and wants the authorities to ban all red lettering Bibles because Catholics may actually think that Jesus spoke the words highlighted in red. Talk about delusional. Why don't the authorities tell him to quit blogging? That would make us all happy.