Friday, March 4, 2011

Why Theology of the Liturgy Matters

Over at the liberal 'Pray Tell' blog, we see more examples of where education on the liturgy has gone wrong. It seems that the folks of 'Pray Tell' look to three professors they quoted in this post, who are from various universities, as being authorities in teaching liturgy. One of them teaches at Yale, another at various Catholic universities, and another who appears to be an Anglican. 'Pray Tell' shares some of these professor's thoughts with their readers hoping that those reading will share in their infinite "wisdom" on how they should go about teaching liturgy. Unfortunately, this is where teaching on liturgy goes seriously wrong, and this is why we do not use heretical liturgical theology to teach the Mass. Notice that not one phrase or word by any of the three even hints at sacrifice. One of them likes to use this video of a wedding dance to introduce liturgy to her students. One has to wonder why. Maybe it is to show people how bad liturgical theology has broken down? I doubt it. One of the visitors on the blog wrote, "Thanks, Rita….the YouTube video is wonderful….would love to hear Ms. Berger’s class on that. You three professors have a huge challenge ahead of you given today’s world." It seems that the real challenge is for us to be rid of such bad scholarship and these shenanigans. It is truly one of the most ridiculous spectacles I have ever seen, and it makes the sacrament of marriage look like a joke. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The title of the blog post is, "Teaching Liturgy: Where Do I Begin."  It should read, "Teaching Liturgy: Where It All Falls Apart." If this is what passes for liturgical scholarship these days, it is no wonder most Catholics have no clue about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

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scotju said...

I just saw a part of the so-called wedding entrance video. I couldn't bring myself to watch to whole thing. It was soooo ridiculous I could only take a couple minutes of it. What theology was employeed? St Bozo of the Circus!?, because it looked like one of those clown masses I've heard about!