Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scandals, the Brilliant Work of Satan

    Any Catholic who doesn’t live under a rock knows well the scandals that have rocked the Church over the last decade. Many bishops covered up abuse cases under their jurisdiction and failed to stop corrupt priests from harming their prey in a myriad of ways. Heresy, schism, immorality, irreverence and the list goes on have been allowed in many places to go unchecked. As a result of this dereliction of duty we now have a serious problem on our hands. Satan has worked this plan out to perfection by first weakening the Catholic faith in the Church with modernism, and he knew that immorality would soon follow. Many priests and bishops fell into heresy in the Church, and as a result allowed corruption to run rampant in many forms, including sexual abuse. Many priests left the priesthood after Vatican II, many laymen also left, and many who stayed behind sought to corrupt the Church rather than leave it. So as these corrupt bishops began to retire, or got close to retiring, the abuse cases were conveniently brought back up. I have often wondered why it has taken so long for some of these cases to come out. Aside from the practical reasons, after some thought, it seems like a perfect contingency plan for Satan’s latest assault on the Catholic Church. He knew that eventually the bad clergy would be weeded out.

    Now that Satan’s infiltration of bad theology is beginning to be challenged by good bishops and priests, he already has a contingency plan built in so that he can disarm the orthodox clergy. With so little effort made earlier by the bishops to stop the heresy and abuse, now the Church may have gone completely overboard in the other direction. It is a natural reaction of course. The Church now has to do anything she can to appease the secular society at large, as well as those who have been hurt within the Church. I as well want something done, but exactly how it is to be done most effectively for the progress of the Church, I do not claim to know. What I do know is that now every accusation made against a priest, no matter how crazy it may be, must be taken seriously. As a result, as soon as a priest is accused of anything, he is going to be taken out of commission, period. This has given Satan a great new weapon he did not have before. This was a indeed a brilliant design by the prince of darkness.

    Since some of the clergy that were in high places over the last 40 years did little or nothing to maintain orthodoxy and morality in the Church, now those following them are going to have hell to pay. Any accusation made against them is going to destroy their reputation whether they are guilty or not. I will not get into any details over recent accusations against priests, that is not my purpose here. My point is that many in the hierarchy of the Church over the last 40 years have been played like a golden fiddle by Satan and his minions. They chose to do nothing when heresy was being taught in their midst, and chose to do nothing when immorality was in their midst. Now those who want to do something about it are going to reap the consequences of their predecessors, because Satan is not going to let an opportunity like this pass him by. How the Church handles the upcoming accusations made against priests is going to be a crucial factor in deciding how long it will take to get this ship back on course. I don’t pretend to have the answer to this situation the Church finds herself in. I am just observing how I think Satan’s plan is unfolding, and I think we all need to pray for our bishops and priests, because they are going to have a huge battle in front of them.

Matthew J. Bellisario

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