Saturday, March 26, 2011

Check Your Sources

With the amount of information today floating around on the internet it is easy to find conflicting opinions about Church teaching and Church history. The modernists have done a good job of recreating history to deny definitive teachings of the Catholic Church. Unfortunately the Church hierarchy has been rather lax in formally condemning individual theologians who have dissenting opinions, who then publish them all over the internet to be consumed by those seeking information on a particular theological subject. The Church has given us here teachings in her documents and in her daily exercise of those teachings. Yet this does not stop people from accepting modernist opinions who contradict her at every turn.

I noticed that a self proclaimed enemy of the Catholic Church, the ex-Catholic, John Bugay over at Beggars All, is continuing to seek the advice any known dissenter of the Catholic Church that he can get his hands on, to justify his move into heresy outside the Church. Bugay and his comical buddy "pastor" King, regularly use modernists to push their anti-Catholic, anti-Christ agenda. For them, any means justifies the end they seek, which is to get people to doubt their Catholic faith. For example in Bugay's latest post, he tries to pit a post Vatican II theologian against the Council of Trent concerning apostolic Holy Orders of ordination. Bugay has chosen to quote a theologian, Edward J Kilmartin, S.J, who has also said that there should be women priests in Catholic Church. Some of the theologian's work is posted with permission on the "Women Priests" website. He writes, "The current theological arguments raised against the ordination of women to the ministerial priesthood in official Catholic circles are rather weak. Moreover the practice of awarding permanent pastoral assignments to women in certain parts of the Catholic Church does not harmonize well with the exclusion of women from the ordained pastoral office. In this situation a definitive decision to rule out ordination of women would clash the "majesty of the facts,..." Further down in the article Kilmartin also attacks the scholastic definition given by the Church at Trent concerning Transubstantiation. Need I say more?

It does not take long to uncover these dissenters and the modernist tools they use to justify their rejection of Christ's Church, or her teachings. Yet Bugay uses these types of theologians concerning early Church history, which are erroneous of course, to justify his personal rejection of Christ and His Church. This is of course the true sign of the modernist historian. They rewrite history to justify rejecting the Catholic Church's apostolic teaching. Here he uses a well known dissenter to attack the institution of Holy Orders, yet he only shoots himself in the foot by doing so, because Kilmartin regularly argues for women to be involved in every level of the Church's ministry. As far as I know, the traditional "Reformed" sects have never approved of women "pastors." If Bugay is to be consistent with Kilmartin's historical observations in the development of Holy Orders, which he falsely claims did not exist from the beginning of the Church, he must also accept Kilmartin's observation using the same historical criticism to accept the fact that women should also be pastors. Bugay however is not honest enough to be consistent in his use of historical sources. He just picked up a book that seems to corroborate his personal views against Catholicism, and then he posted it up as a way to attack the Church. Always try and check the sources you use for consistency, and do not believe everything you read on the internet. Check the authors you are going to read prior to buying their work. Otherwise you end up like the pitiful Bugay and his pernicious buddy who calls himself "pastor" King, who are regularly making fools out of themselves by using these quack historians and theologians that contradict themselves at every turn.


Alexander Greco said...

Well, we have to keep in mind that Bugay isn't really qualified to read theology beyond the elementary level. His opinions are not formed from reading this select group of authors who show a strong bias against the de fide teachings of the Church, his opinions were already formed prior to them. It is blatantly obvious that Bugay's selections stem from his agenda to prove, not that his religious beliefs are right, but that the Church is wrong. Therefore, any tool useful in this regard will be used, even if a fair reading of the text and methods developed would also undermine the tenants of faith he supposedly espouses.

stephen said...

In a way, all Protestants are modernists. The original Prots believed they were "modernizing" the church by throwing out all of the "garbage" of the last 1200 years and adding their faith alone innovation. Then a couple hundred years later, they were shocked to discover that some of their fellow Prots wanted to throw out everything else! How dare these whippersnappers outrage them by doing what Luther&Co did years ago!