Friday, February 18, 2011

The Writings of Charles De Koninck Vol I and II

I got my two volume set of 'The Writings of Charles De Koninck' a few days ago. What a pleasant surprise. Each hardback volume is like 400-500 pages each packed with essays and articles, and they are nicely bound. In the second volume there is an incredible essay on the Blessed Virgin Mary titled 'Ego Sapientia.' De Koninck (1906–1965) was a Canadian Thomist philosopher from the University of Laval in Quebec. Those interested in serious studies of Thomistic philosophy and theology will enjoy these two volumes. Both volumes were translated by Dr. Ralph McInerny a great Thomistic scholar in his own right, who was also a student of De Koninck's. These are books that you will read and reread. Such essays include 'The Primacy of the Common Good Against the Personalists' and 'In Defense of St. Thomas' among many others. You can get them on Amazon or at the University of Notre Dame Press bookstore online.


Alan Aversa said...

Volume I introduced me to the whole concept of ontological indeterminism in physics. (This interests me as a physicist; cf. this.) His thesis on the astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington and the last paper in the volume were sheer brilliance.

And, yes, Ego Sapientia: The Wisdom that is Mary is very good, too.

Matthew Peterson said...

I'm working on getting an official archive of his writings online.

See here: