Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Reminder on the Darkness of Freemasonry

Awhile back I wrote a piece on Freemasonry regarding its incompatibility with the Catholic faith. It seems that there are many Catholics today who now think the Church has changed its teaching regarding the Freemasons as if it were now permitted for Catholics to be members. I ran across this video which sheds some light on the Masons from a spiritual side, and I thought it was worth putting up for viewing. As always, Fr. Ignatius tells is like it is. Its only 5 minutes so check it out.

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scotju said...

My family's Masonic roots go all the way back to Scotland to the time of the Bruce. I,nor my late father, have ever been Masons, but almost every other male in my extended family is a Mason.

The priest talked about the darkness of Freemasonry. In my family, there seems to be an almost inherited, intergenerational irreverance toward religion and morality. I believe the practise of Freemasonry is the cause of it. I feel blessed to have never been exposed to the lodge when I was young. And I'm doubly blessed that God directed me to the Holy Mother Church.