Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Official Statement by Fr. Thomas Euteneuer

There is now an official statement by Fr. Euteneuer, the well respected priest who has unfortunately taken quite a beating on various blogs since his departure from HLI. Much of what was published on these blogs was not true, which is why you never judge someone's actions until you know all of the facts. Up until this statement there was no reliable source of information to corroborate any of these blog posts. Yet we had Catholics putting up posts like this linking to these blogs passing judgment on Fr. Euteneuer writing things like, "priest fails again" before he could even speak for himself or before any official statement was released. As always, Fr. Tom handled himself with class and humility. Although I am saddened by his fall in this one particular incident, which he admits to, I am in full support of him as a priest and I greatly respect and admire his courage to admit his fault while not caving in like so many who have fallen before and then selfishly left the Catholic faith in apostasy. Father wrote, "I also wish to state that I have never entertained even the slightest thought of leaving the holy priesthood or the Roman Catholic Church as a result of my failings." May the Lord continue to bless and keep him, and may he overcome this fall and continue passing on the Catholic faith like he has done for many years now.


TheDen said...

I went to listen to Fr. Euteneuer at a Spiritual Warfare talk here in Detroit. He ended up sitting next to me at my table which was a bit intimidating. I think I ended up only saying one word to him, the dialogue went, "Is this seat taken?" and I responded, "No." lol.

I will have to keep him in my prayers. The Church needs good priests and he is one of the really good ones.

In his ministry where he goes face to face with demons, it can be very easy for him to fall to weakness.

Mark P. Shea said...

The purpose of my blog was to call for people to stop leaping to conclusions and passing judgement. I mentioned that Fr. Euteneuer had failed because it was an admitted and documented fact. I mentioned the blogs gossipping about him because they were already common knowledge, having been linked on New Advent (hint: "gossip" is not a good thing, which is why I asked readers not to gossip). I then called readers to pray, not gossip and speculate. I also promptly acknowledged Fr. Euteneuer's manly and sincere apology and urged people to do likewise.

So what's your problem? Or are you just on some sort of grudge kick?

Grow up, dude.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Grudge Mark? Not me. As far as I know, when you posted that, nothing had been officially stated about anything Fr. Euteneuer had done. So it would not be charitable to act as if he was already guilty, which you did imply. So a lesson is to be learned here. Don't judge until you have all the facts. I would think that even you , as arrogant as you are, may see that this was not a wise move.

scotju said...

Mark Shea has to jump on any priest who leans toward tradition. He says "The good news is that the guy was pulled out of circulation."Not true! He voluntary stepped down, and contritely confessed his failure without any pressre being put on him. Shea has never confessed to any failing unless the house fell on him.

Alexander Greco said...

It is also my understanding that Mark Shea threw up the original post on his blog prior to any publicly official statement by Fr. Euteneuer or his Bishop. In spite of Shea's claim that it was an admitted and documented fact, he didn't produce the document but only based his evidence on hearsay. In fact, the link Shea's post was directed to starts off quoting an "eyewitness" as calling Fr. Euteneuer "a bum." We can clearly see here the restraint in passing judgment. 

The "admitted and documented fact" Shea alludes to was even qualified by the writer as being privately discussed and off the record. The piece continued to go on and level wild accusations and conspiracies against Fr. Euteneuer based on nothing substantial but mere speculation. This trash was geared to provoke nothing more than imagining Father as a playboy traveling around and sexually assaulting defenseless and vulnerable women. Therefore it wasn't very difficult for Mark Shea to go ahead and condemn Fr. Euteneuer as having failed and the great news of "the guy" being pulled out of circulation. It was enough for Shea to receive second hand, private, off the record information to have passed judgement and to declare, what had been up to that moment unofficial disciplinary action, that a failed priest got his just deserts. 

Apparently what serves as moral reasoning for Shea is that discussing gossip, linking to gossip, passing judgment based upon gossip, isn't really gossip so long as you tell people while you are engaging in it yourself, not to gossip. And if the facts come out later to support some of your gossip, you can just give the old "I told you so" and continue your day because clearly this will retro-actively annul the fact that you were complicit in gossip.

Based upon years of prior experience, I don't expect Shea will handle these comments maturely, reasonably or responsibly. He'll probably just say, "grow up, dude." This is typical for Internet bullies and cowards. It is so much easier to say "death penalty maximalists" or "Rad-Trad" than to actually engage the person.