Friday, February 4, 2011

New Theologians Rebuilding the Tower of Babel

"The greater number of men have by far too high an opinion of their own worth and too great a confidence in their own strength, but of their own vocation, of the end to which they are destined, they have in general, a sense far too low. They do not believe in it." (Maxims of Christian Chivalry- by Kenelm Digby)

Fr. Anthony Ruff has put up a new post on the Pray Tell blog titled, 'A “Year of Departure”: German-speaking theologians call for reform.' (Added Note: to be clear, he is referring to a letter signed by several German theologians) After using the scandals in the Church to set the stage for their proposed solutions, Fr. Ruff shows the list of all of the things these theoloigans consider to be priorities in the Catholic Church that will supposedly correct the problems in the Church today. A regular tactic used by theologians in the Church today is to use an atrocity to get people's attention, and then they use that as their doorway to getting their liberal polices in place. That is what the liberals in Washington do to. What I found most alarming in Fr. Ruff's article, is that there is no focus whatsoever on the salvation of souls! Sure social justice is mentioned, participation and application in Church structure is mentioned, and he does mention freedom of conscience, and the shallow list of propositions goes on. But what he does not say is even more important, and I must say, alarming.

In my opinion, there are a few dead giveaways to shallow liberal theologians like Father Ruff. (He posts stuff like this but he usually does not commit himself as endorsing it. Yet he seems to post them quite a bit.) They will go on ad-nauseum about social justice, democratic structure of the Church, freedom of conscience (despite Church doctrine and dogma) and they will often go off into an "intellectual" diatribes on liturgy, where liturgical renewal involves everyone pitching in to create their own liturgy. But one thing that gives them away every time is that they never give us the eschatological focus of why we are even living the Catholic faith in the first place. They never mention God's grace, they never mention the true love of God and man, which is oriented at the salvation of souls and eternal happiness with Him in heaven. Read through the post and look at his main points of focus. Its as if these theologians are trying to build the Tower of Babel all over again. Its as if they are calling Catholics to come and build their own Church. Damn the torpedoes folks, we are going to do it ourselves! All of this nonsense has nothing to do with God. Its all about them. The things they are advocating is what caused the scandals in the first place. Lets look at a couple of quotes from the article. (Quoted by Fr. Ruff.) See if you can read between the lines.

“What applies to all should be decided by all,” more synodal structures are needed at all levels of the Church. The faithful should be involved in the naming of important officials (bishop, pastor)."

" The faithful stay away when they are not trusted to share responsibility and to participate in democratic structures in the leadership of their communities. Church office must serve the life of communities – not the other way around. The Church also needs married priests and women in church ministry. "

"Respect for individual conscience means placing trust in people’s ability to make decisions and carry responsibility. It is the task of the Church to support this capability. The Church must not revert to paternalism. Serious work needs to be done especially in the realm of personal life decisions and individual manners of life."

"The liturgy lives from the active participation of all the faithful. Experiences and forms of expression of the present day must have their place. Worship services must not become frozen in traditionalism."

I think it is easy to determine what these types of "theologians" are after, and its not about God or the salvation of souls. Its about getting what they want.


scotju said...
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Anonymous said...

Fr Ruff is careful to post dissenting pieces on his blog with no comment from himself. What is that about? If you look at other Catholic blogs, like Fr. Z, you find he is not afraid to give his own opinion. In contrast, Fr. Ruff throws things out there, yet he himself remains silent. I don't respect that at all. Let your yes be yes, and your no, no.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Yes Jester, thanks for pointing that out. I went back and added a couple of notes in the post for clarification.