Friday, February 25, 2011

More Protestant Heresy in Action (Luther's Legacy of Death)

If you want an example of how Protestantism destroys the image of God in society, watch this video. It is plain, Protestantism is the underlying catalyst of abortion on demand. Once you reject God's teaching concerning sexuality, you completely destroy the image of God in man. It starts with contraption and ends in abortion.

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This program is from


scotju said...

The 'conservative' Protestants will scream that this is unfair, but sexual misconduct played an important role in fueling the engine of the Reformation. Luther 'had' to marry Von Bora because he had to shut his critics mouths up about their relationship. Calvin was known as a sodomite, and his associate Beza came to Geneva with a married woman in tow as his mistress. Luther's divorce and remarriage teaching made Wittenburg and Gevena hot places to go to shed an old wife and take another. Yes, these were the reformers who were offering liberty to those under the Roman yoke!
Matt, it didn't start with contraception. It started with the rejection of God as the creator, then went into idolatry, descended into sexual immorality that turned into sodomy, and ends with complete social chaos and death.

kkollwitz said...

Speaking of the link between contraception and abortion, I jsut read this today:

which describes contraception as "Auschwitz in a bottle."

Cruise the Groove. said...

Nothing to do with the topic, but I rently heard a little joke, that has much truth to it:

A Protestant Minister and a Priest were having a friendly discussion on who's Church Doctrine was 'right'.

After a while, Father says, "You do what Luther tells you, and I'll do what Christ wants me to."