Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Conference in Honor of Professor Ralph McInerny at Ave Maria

If there is any conference worth supporting its this one folks. This is the type of conference that we need to be seeing more of these days. Enough of the pop-apologists. Send in the real scholars, maybe the faithful will learn something for a change! Sign me up! Below is the conference schedule.

Philosophy in Theological Education

A Conference in Honor of Professor Ralph McInerny

Ave Maria University
Ave Maria Florida
10-12 February 2011

February 10, 2011: Pre-Conference Presentations by AMU Doctoral Students:

2:00-6:00 Registration for the Conference outside the Student Union Ballroom

3:30-6:00 Four twenty minute student presentations in Conference Ballroom.

Moderator: Dr. Michael Waldstein (Ave Maria University)

John Froula: Maritain & McInerny on Natural Law
Irene Alexander: Aquinas & DeKoninck: On Marital Common Good
Jared Kuebler: Mariology of Charles DeKoninck
Susan Waldstein: Mercy & Evolution in Charles DeKoninck

Respondent: Fr. Michael Sherwin, OP, (University of Fribourg)

6:30 Presentation of the Aquinas Center Awards &
Cocktails & Dinner for participants in Executive Dining Room

8:00pm-9:30pm  Keynote Lecture

Moderator: Dr. Roger Nutt (Ave Maria University)

Fr. Charles Morerod, OP, “All Theologians are Philosophers whether knowingly or Not” Demeetree Lecture Hall

February 11, 2011  Friday:

7:30 am Mass for Conference Participants in the St. Joseph Chapel

8:00-9:00 Continental Breakfast in Lounge of Xavier Hall

9:30 -12:15 Metaphysics, Theology, & Nature
    Sessions in Ball Room Lecture area

Moderator: Dr. Mark Johnson (Marquette University)

9:30-10:10am Fr. Lawrence Dewan, OP, (Dominican University College) “Theology and the Metaphysics of Creation”
10:10-10:40am Dr. John O’Callaghan, (University of Notre Dame) “Legitimacy of Philosophy as an Autonomous Discipline & Its Genuine Service to Theology in Aquinas and Ralph McInerny”

    10:40-10: 55  Coffee Break

Moderator: Dr. Gary Culpepper (Providence College)

10:55-11:35am Fr. Joseph Koterski, SJ, (Fordham University) “The Concept of Nature: Philosophical Reflection in Service of Theology”

11:35am-12:15pm Dr. Steven A. Long, (Ave Maria University) “On the Natural Knowledge of God: Aquinas’s Debt to Aristotle.”

12:15-1:45pm Informal lunch in Cafeteria or Bean.

2:00pm-5:00pm Reason and Revelation

Moderator: Dr. James Keating (Providence College)

2:00-2:40pm Dr. Kevin White (Catholic University of America) “Philosophical Starting Points: Reason & Order in Aquinas’s Prologues to  Aristotle”

2:40-3:20 Fr. Timothy Bellamah, OP, (Dominican House of Studies) “Tunc scimus, cum causas cognoscimus: Notes on the Medieval Endeavor to Know Scripture in Its Causes”

3:20pm-3:40pm   Coffee Break

Moderator: Dr. Robert Barry (Providence College)

3:40-4:20pm Fr. Brian Daley, SJ, (University of Notre Dame) “Rediscovering Christian Sources: Philosophy and the Retrieval of Tradition in Twentieth-Century Catholic Theology”

4:20-5:00pm Fr. Guy Mansini, OSB, (St. Meinrad Seminary) “Robert Sokolowski and the Christology of Disclosure”

6:00pm-6:45pm Reception & Cocktails in Executive Dining

6:45pm- Conference Banquet in Ball Room Dining Area

February 12, 2011   Saturday:

7:30 am Mass in St. Joseph’s Chapel

8:00 am – 9:00 am Continental Breakfast in Xavier Hall Lounge.

9:30 -11:15am Philosophy in Trinitarian Theology

 Sessions in Ballroom

Moderator: Dr. Lawrence Welch (Kenrick-Glennon Seminary)

9:30-10:10am Fr. Gilles Emery, OP, (University of Fribourg) “Central Aristotelian Themes in Aquinas’s Trinitarian Theology”

10:10-10:40am Dr. John Boyle (University of St. Thomas) “Aquinas on the Procession of the Holy Spirit”

10:45-11:15am Dr. Michael Dauphinais (Ave Maria University) “Christ and Revelation in Aquinas”

    11:15-11:30am Coffee Break

11:30am – 1:00pm Philosophy in Marian Theology

Moderator: Fr. Thomas Petri, OP, (Providence College)

11:35am-12:15pm Fr. Romanus Cessario, OP, (St. John Seminary) “Ego Sapientia: The Mariology of Laval Thomism”

12:20pm-1:00pm Fr. Kevin Flannery, SJ, (Pontifical Gregorian University) “Reflections on Ralph McInerny’s Dante & the Blessed Virgin Mary”
    1:00pm-2:30pm  Lunch

2:50pm-5:10pm Philosophy and Moral Theology

Moderator: Dr. Paul Gondreau (Providence College)

2:50pm-3:30pm Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP, (Dominican House of Study) “Aquinas's Imperfect Happiness and the Ideal Paradigm of Nature-Grace Orthodoxy”
3:40pm-4:20pm Dr. Marc Guerra (Ave Maria University) “Moderating the Magnanimous Man: Aquinas on Greatness of Soul.”

    4:20pm-4:30pm  Coffee Break

4:30-5:10pm Fr. Sebastian Walshe, OPraem, (St. Michael Abbey) “Charles DeKoninck and Aquinas’s Doctrine on the Common Good.”
6:00 onwards Cocktails and Dinner for participants at Condo Terrace 

    8:00 Closing Tribute to Ralph McInerny: Ambassador Michael Novak

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Tommy G said...

Wow, this looks like a fantastic conference. Any chance the proceedings will be recorded for those of us on the other side of the world who will be unable to attend. You're right in saying 'enough of the popApologists'.