Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bishop Calls for a New Syllabus

As you may have viewed on Real Catholic TV, Bishop Athanasius Schneider has been outspoken lately about the need to correct errors in the Church today. Among many proposals he has called for a new Syllabus of Errors to be composed by the Pope to refute errors being spread in the Church. The bishop is quoted as saying,

"Keeping in mind the now decades-long experience of interpretations that are doctrinally and pastorally mistaken and contrary to the bimillennial continuity of the doctrine and prayer of the faith, there thus arises the necessity and urgency of a specific and authoritative intervention of the pontifical magisterium for an authentic interpretation of the conciliar texts, with supplementation and doctrinal clarifications; a sort of "Syllabus" of the errors in the interpretation of Vatican Council II.

There is the need for a new Syllabus, this time directed not so much against the errors coming from outside of the Church, but against the errors circulated within the Church by supporters of the thesis of discontinuity and rupture, with its doctrinal, liturgical, and pastoral application.
Such a Syllabus should consist of two parts: the part that points out the errors, and the positive part with proposals for clarification, completion, and doctrinal clarification."


Alexander Greco said...

The sooner, the better. God bless the Bishop!

kkollwitz said...

Suits me.