Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Italy Says, "Learn Our Language First!"

I like to read the Italian news sites, and I found this article to be quite interesting. It seems that if you want to move to Italy and get a job you have to learn their language first. I wonder how that would fly over here in the States? It seems to me that making potential migrants learn the language of the country they want to move to would do a couple of positive things. It would make that person more likely to be productive as a person of that particular society. It would also require the person to put forth some effort to assimilate into that particular culture. Italy is forming a points system based on how well you intend to adapt into their Italian culture. You start with 16 points for learning the language, but you must attain 30 points in two years to stay. You can gain points by taking vocational courses, or signing contracts for rentals, etc, which seem to be fine, but another way is to volunteer for the national health service, which I am sure probably promotes immorality of some sort. You lose points if you commit crimes, and they will even kick you out if you are a trouble maker. Maybe we can learn something here in the US? Overall, from what I have read in the article it seems to make a lot of sense. In order to move and work in Italy, you have to speak their language, and in order to stay you have to make an effort to find a job and contribute to their society. In other words, you have to integrate into their society to some extent to live there, which is in my opinion not such a bad thing.

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