Saturday, November 13, 2010

Will Bishop Kicanas Replace George as Head of the USCCB?

Check out this article regarding bishop Kicanas. I know little of him, but this article is quite alarming!

"Bishop Kicanas has a troubling reputation. The arch-liberal Father Thomas Reese has described Kicanas as “the leading liberal hope” among the progressive wing of the Church. And for this reason (and others noted below) I believe Bishop Kicanas is not the right choice to lead the bishops during these next two critical years."


Anonymous said...

Sheesh! Just what we need, another soft-on-sodomites bishop in an influencial office! Enough already!

Andrew W said...

Is this the same Kicanas who was rector at Mundelein Seminary when McCormack, later pedophile priest with 20+ victims, was studying for the priesthood? The same Kicanas who while rector was aware of McCormack's propensity to drink and engage in gay sex (including one allegation involving a minor)? The same Kicanas who later said none of this was reason to keep McCormack from being ordained since he hadn't actually "abused" anyone. The same Kicanas who thought the drinking was the issue of concern, not the gay sex with a minor? The same Kicanas who later defended McCormack's ordination, because "[i]t would have been grossly unfair not to have ordained him."

Yeah, I think it may be the same guy...
Oh, and OVER HERE.