Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quo Vadis on Blu Ray

If you enjoy old movies on blu ray like I do then I suggest you pick up Quo Vadis. It is a great movie, and on top of that, the blu ray picture is great. The characters portrayed in the movie are fun to watch. The arrogant Nero is constantly being manipulated by his close adviser Petronius, while Nero's bodyguard Tigellinus tries to play the other side trying to manipulate him for his own reasons. Meanwhile you have a great battle for Christianity in Rome. The film was nominated for 8 Oscars and was released in 1951. It clocks in at almost 3 hours and is a great epic that we rarely see from Hollywood these days.. You can check out the trailer for the new DVD here.

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Anonymous said...

Hollywood will not make this type of picture ever again until the Catholics get their act together again. Back in the early days of the mainstream cinema, Hollywood was drifting toward outright porn in it's films. Around the early 1930's, several Catholic bishops, alarmed at the degenerate state of the movies playing in the theaters, asked their parishoners to stop patronizing them. The drop in attendance got through to the heads of the studios in Hollywood almost immediately. They stopped producing smut and started making decent films, many of them with religious themes. So the moral of this story is: stop buying what Hollywood is putting out until they get the message that until they produce films that show what normal, decent people what to see, there will be no boffo at the box office.