Friday, November 26, 2010

Another Reason To Go Back To The Latin Mass?

* Most importantly, when the final text of the Missal appears, we have everything we need to check how much this Received Text was corrected and improved. Whatever the case, it is difficult to see how the CDW could come away looking very good. Either the CDW made few changes, and we’re stuck for the most part with this crappy text. Or the CDW made lots of changes, which only shows how much their earlier work had to be undone. (Fr. Anthony Ruff OSB)

You should be aware by now that there are changes coming to the English text of the Novus Ordo Liturgy very soon. This new text has been a source of great controversy for many Catholics. Many are in favor of it claiming that it will be a better translation, following closer to the Latin text, and therefore retaining a truer adherence to Catholic theology. Others however claim that the new text is not going to be better, and hence there is a bitter tension brewing among many regarding this change in the translation.

Although there have been subtle changes made to the Latin Liturgy over the last 2000 years in the West, none were as drastic as what took place 40 years ago. Of course those against the new translation today are claiming that the change that was done 40 years ago was done as a "pastoral" need! These changes coming now however, in their opinion are not "pastoral." And so the bitter controversy goes on over the Liturgy. Check out this blog post over at the liberal PrayTell blog. This will give you an idea of what some people think of the new English translation. (Read through the comments) After reading it you can ask yourself the question, "Is this one more reason to go back to the Latin Mass?" Personally I would like nothing more than to see the complete restoration of the Latin Mass in the Latin Rite.


Anonymous said...

Matt, could you please explain something to me. I came into the Church in the 90's, so I wasn't around when a lot of changes were taking place. One change I don't understand is why they had had to come up with a new English rite for the mass in the first place. Why didn't the bishops just use the English translation that was in most of the Latin missals? It doesn't make sense to me to waste time, money, and labour to reinvent the wheel when you already had a good orthodox translation already in the Missal.

kkollwitz said...

Speaking as a catechist, I'm much happier with the new English translation:

And speaking as a pre-Vat2 Catholic who was raised on Latin, I prefer the Mass in English.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Well, there are many theories put forth for the change. At the time most of the bishops were in favor of not just putting the Mass in the vernacular, but a complete overhaul to what they considered to be an outdated Mass. Even Pope Benedict, at the time, a priest theologian wanted it changed. There are a few books I would recommend reading to get an idea of what happened. There is no one source to go to get the full picture. Here are some of the books that I recommend reading.

1. The Development of Liturgical Reform- Nicola Giampietro

2. The History and Future of the Roman Liturgy- Denis Crouan

3. Theological Highlights of Vatican II- Ratzinger

4. The Work of Human Hands- Anthony Cekada

5. Pope John's Council - Michael Davies

6. The Organic Development of the Liturgy- Alcuin Reid

These will give you an idea of what happened and why form both perspectives, those who were for the changes and why, and those who were against them and why. Most of them you can get on the internet no problem. Enjoy!