Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why Do Catholics Have Such Short Memories?

I find it quite alarming these days to find that few Catholics have read anything about their faith written before 1960. It seems that the New Catechism and a few documents from Vatican II is all that makes up their Catholic repertoire. This is sadly the same for most of our Catechists, Directors of Religious Education as well as those running the formation programs for the diaconate, etc.  Why doesn't anyone seem to realize that there is 2000 years of other material to read in addition to these few sources? It is almost as if 1960 is the cutoff point. A document written in 1907 like "Lamentabili Sane," was forgotten about over the course of 50 years and was never heard from again after the 60's. Below is a small recommended reading list to pass along to your fellow Catholics who you may run across here and there that may given them a more well rounded understanding of their faith.

Catechism of the Council of Trent

The Syllabus of Errors

The Syllabus of Pius X "Lamentabili sane"

Quanta Cura- Pius IX

Ineffabilis Deus- Pus IX

Aquinas- The Summa Theologica

The Writings of Cardinal Manning

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Nick said...

I view the problem as slightly different. It's not that they have "short memories," it's that they've never been taught anything other than "Spirit of VII" theology.

They've been taught to "learn their faith" NOT from primary Church sources, but rather second and third hand. This is typically done when a literal theologian writes a book, the Catholic Religious Education instructor reads it (or "learns" this from when they went to school), and then teaches this "Catholicism" to the students.

The (New) Catechism is a very fine source and encompasses the whole faith very well - but, again, the problem is people are taught not to look to the Cathechism FIRST but rather to some other source - especially when they fear what the Catechism might say.

In essence, any academic approach to the faith has been pushed aside for a purely "experiential" approach to theology.

There is good reason to believe the Liberals did this on purpose, to keep folks ignorant and increase the chances of putting their souls at risk and deforming the faith.

Imagine how much of a shit mess the liberals would be in if the average Catholic was aware of SIMPLY Lamentabily Sane (Dogmatic) Error #11,
"Divine inspiration does not extend to all of Sacred Scriptures so that it renders its parts, each and every one, free from every error."
This knowledge alone would nullify 90% of Catholic textbooks today.