Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saint Margaret Clitherow Pressed to Death By the Protestants

I ran across this story posted over at the Papa Stronsay blog. Below is only a small portion of the story. To get the full story check out their website. The persecution of Catholics by the Protestants has made some radical Saints. Their stories should motivate us to be saints ourselves and always proclaim the true faith despite our opposition.

"The martyr coming to the place, kneeled her down, and prayed to herself. The tormentors bade her pray with them, and they would pray with her. The martyr denied, and said, ‘I will not pray with you, and you shall not pray with me; neither will I say Amen to your prayers, nor shall you to mine.’ Then they all willed her to pray for the Queen's Majesty. The martyr began in this order : First, in the hearing of them all, she prayed for the Catholic Church, then for the Pope's Holiness, Cardinals, and other Fathers which have charge of souls, and then for all Christian princes. At which words the tormentors interrupted her, and willed her not to put her Majesty among that company; yet the martyr proceeded in this order: ‘And especially for Elizabeth, Queen of England, that God move her to the Catholic Faith...

After this they laid weight upon her, which, when she first felt, she said, ‘Jesu! Jesu! Jesu! have mercy upon me!’ which were the last words which she was heard to speak. She was in dying one quarter of an hour. A sharp stone, as much as a man's fist, was put under her back ; upon her was laid a quantity of seven or eight hundredweight at the least [406 Kgs/896 lbs], which breaking her ribs, caused them to burst forth of the skin."


Paul Hoffer said...

Hi Mattt, One can only imagine the bravery shown by these English saints whose only defense was love of God and their faith. The first time I read E. Waugh's Edmund Campion I had tears in my eyes. What is most sad is that some of our Prot. friends whom we interact would only chuckle at such stories and then call such acts of horror, an exercise of their Christian liberty or whine about the the embellished or otherwise novelized accounts contained in Foxe's Book of the Martyrs as if that excuses the evil work done by their forefathers in faith.

Thanks for the article!

God bless!

Internet_is_Serious_Business! said...

Horrible atrocites were committed by both Catholics and Protestants against each other. Nobody in their right minds should be apologists for any of them. Defending the theology of these religions is one thing, but to defend these despicable acts is quite another.