Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Catholic Priorities “Wake Up!”

Our Catholic Priorities “Wake Up!”

By Matthew J Bellisario

    We live in one of the most turbulent cultures of any in recorded history. Technology has certainly allowed the spread of information to go beyond the limits of written hard copies, to virtually every computer connected to the internet in the world within seconds. When the pope speaks, we have his address in just minutes, and when the media reports on a Protestant “pastor” in Florida, with 40 members who is threatening to burn the Quran, it makes world news in no time. We have the Vatican, and her bishops making statements about this news event as if it concerns the very end of the world as we know it. It seems that no shred of controversial news goes unnoticed  these days by our Church hierarchy at large. They always seem to want to weigh in on the latest controversy of the day, with one condition, as long it pertains to something outside of the Church.

    Where are our priorities? Why do Catholics spend more time worrying about everything that is going on outside the Church, when we are battling the most insidious foe we have ever faced by those in the Church? Why are we worrying about the Muslims, and yet the only reason they have been able to make any headway in permeating society with any effectiveness is because the Catholic Church is not living the life it has been called to live by Our Lord. Catholics go against the Church in using contraception, and then they are amazed when they have to face the consequences. The Church however does little to correct the situation, instead we observe scandals, gross liturgical abuse, and heresy being taught in every diocese throughout the world. Yet, the Vatican and her bishops think it is of the utmost importance to sound off on some nutjob in Florida with 40 members who wants to burn the Quran. Who cares? We have bigger fish to fry!

    Our priorities have got to change. Either we start living the Catholic faith with intensity, and demand that our faith be taught and defended in the Church, or we can forget about the Muslims. This will be the least of our worries. You see, God doesn’t help those who put the things of this world above Him. God comes first, and the Church, being God’s mouthpiece on earth also comes first. The Vatican and the bishops throughout the world need quit worrying about trying to make some utopia out of this world and start worrying about the souls that she has been entrusted to care for. This world is not going to last, and quite frankly, in the end the only thing that will matter is the day that we all stand before almighty God to be judged. The kingdom of heaven is what we should be concerned with, yet the kingdom of the here and now in this world seems to be on everyone’s priority list.

    Will we be able to say that we lived and proclaimed the Gospel for the love of Christ, or will we only be able to say that we tried to make this world a better place to live for ourselves by secular means? Do we worry uselessly about the Muslims taking over our country, or do we worry about serving God, and letting him take over our lives? Do we put country before God? Do we honestly think that we will ever better ourselves by focusing on the things of this world, while giving little heed to the judgment of eternity that awaits us? This world is passing away. The Muslims will come and go, and countries and empires will rise and they will fall, great emperors and ambitious politicians will die and rot in the ground, but God will always be.

    It is time to clean up our own yard, instead of looking over at the neighbor's yard. We need to get rid of the scandalous bishops, priests and laymen who are allowing the Church to be swept up in the tide of world politics and intrigue, while doing little for the proclamation of the Gospel. When do we ever hear the hierarchy call for the conversion of sinners? Where is the allegiance to God and his one true Church that used to be proclaimed without shame to the world? Do you want to know how defeat Islam? We defeat Islam only when the Church is living and proclaiming the Gospel faithfully to the world. While we are stuck in the rotten stench of corruption, the secular opposition of the world is going to win the day. Whether it is the atheistic political foes like Obama, the evils of Planned Parenthood, or the increasing threat of Islamic infiltration, without the Catholic faithful living lives of holiness and proclaiming the Gospel unashamedly, we will suffer these and other scourges. Of course we know that the Church will never ultimately be defeated, but we can and will suffer horrible consequences for our failure to live up the standard which Our Lord has called us to.

    It is our job as Catholic laity to make our concerns known to the Church heirarchy in a charitable, yet direct manner. I as a Catholic could really care less whether or not someone burns a Quran, because as it stands now, we have many in our very own Church who are symbolically burning the Catholic faith before our eyes with little to no opposition from the bishops. Look at the Catholic politician Nanci Pelosi for example in her public rejection of the Catholic Church and its teachings regarding abortion and other issues. She may as well have thrown the Scriptures on the floor and lit them on fire along with a picture of the Pope. A perfect opportunity for the Church was wasted. They could have used her rebelliousness to come out and correct a serious problem in the Church, not only for her benefit, but for the benefit of the Catholic faithful who follow her lead. How do you think Obama got in the White House? It was largely the result of Catholics voting against what the Church teaches concerning abortion. What do we get from the Vatican on the matter? We get silence. We should all instead worry about pastor Billy Bob with his 40 merry loons following him in burning a few copies of the Quran down in Florida. The fact is, few are teaching the Catholic faith with any fervor any longer. Heretics, and corrupt scandalous men and women are essentially ruling the Church from within, all the while we are all looking out the window through CNN or Fox News worrying about the intrigue of the day. In case you are wondering, it doesn’t do any good to stand on the ramparts of the castle yelling “the Muslims are coming” while you have three quarters of your army below lowering the drawbridge to let them ride in unopposed. Until the Church is cleaned up from the inside, expect the scourges from the outside to be very effective.


kkollwitz said...

Well done. For Catholics in particular, and the Christian West in general, the problems are our own weakness, indifference and ignorance of our patrimony, not the strength of Islam.

And the major symptom of those problems is (arguably) contraception.

Nick said...

Amen! Amen!

The Truth can be sad and hard to hear, but it must be told!