Thursday, September 23, 2010

Free course in Thomistic Logic from Sapientis Institute

This just in from Sapientis Institute...

Atheists like to pretend they are very logical people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Using the logical tools developed by St. Thomas Aquinas and the authentic Thomistic commentators, you will learn to prove that modern secularism is a house built on logical sand.

Students will be able to see where their secular lecturers commit logical errors and how some of the most prominent modern ideas rest on logical mistakes.

But we will not only be applying our logical skills to academic subjects. By using practical examples from the media you will learn how to spot the logical flaws in many politicians’ and commentators’ arguments.

You will not only be acquiring new knowledge, you will also be refining your logical skills and learning the habits of easy and consistent logical thinking. This course will help you to construct reasoned arguments that can help you discover the truth and prove your point in any work, social or academic setting.

In order to promote interest in Thomistic Philosophy and to show that philosophy is indeed for everyone, the Sapientis Institute is not charging any tuition for this course. This four-month college level course normally costs $250(USD). You can sign up for a nominal $25(USD) registration fee. Registration is now open and the course starts shortly.

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and also our Latin course

Learn Latin for Beginners from home

Latin is not a language that is easy to learn without someone to teach you. Below are some of the advantages of the Sapientis Latin program:

Live on-line lectures. You can ask questions and interact with your lecturer. A genuine class-room experience.

A course in Ecclesiastical Latin i.e the Latin used by the Church.
All lectures are recorded. You can review your lectures at your convenience
Regular quizzes and exercises can be submitted to help you assess your progress.
Opportunity to meet with lecturer on-line for individual consultations
Home-schoolers will be assisted (where possible) to provide evidence to meet requirements to gain credits for these courses.
Course Fees cover the whole household provided they are using a single on-line connection. Several siblings can study together.
Extremely competitive course fees. In fact we would like to hear if you can find a more affordable option.

We also offer a course for those who have studied Latin before but would like to brush-up, improve or formalise their knowledge.
Registration is now open and the course starts shortly.
A limited number of sponsored seats is available for clergy, religious and seminarians. Course fees on a per family basis. For more information visit

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