Friday, September 17, 2010

Fr. Robert Barron: ABC- Article on John Henry Newman

As we know, Fr. Robert Barron now has his own show on national television. He also has written an article on the ABC News Good Morning America spirituality column. Please stop by and give it a read, and then leave some comments in support of his article. We need to have a strong Catholic voice like his readily visible in a national media setting.

The title of the piece is..

John Cornwell's Hijacking of John Henry Newman

"Taking certain texts of the great cardinal out of their literary and historical contexts, Cornwell argues that Newman was the leading liberal Catholic thinker of his time. Then he insinuates that, were he alive today, Newman would be radically out of step with the reactionary Joseph Ratzinger who is, curiously enough, beatifying him."

"On Newman's reading, a church without a clear teaching authority would be as dysfunctional as a baseball game without an umpire. He definitely encouraged the lively play of the theological conversation, and he was indeed impatient with a fussy, interventionist exercise of Roman authority; however, none of this makes him a "dissenter" in the contemporary sense of the term. He defended the Pope's infallibility as a bulwark against indifferentism and doctrinal drift."

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