Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Favorite Images From Christ the King, Sarasota, Florida.

It has now been about a year and a half since the founding of the Christ the King chapel, run by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, in Sarasota, Florida. In just this short time, the Christ the King family has experienced some great moments, and here are just a few of my favorite pictures that I have taken over the last year and a half.

Above: The angel looks upon the newly renovated chapel.
Above: Bishop Frank J. Dewane (Center), Fr. James Fryar, FSSP (Left) and Fr. Fausto Stampiglia, SAC (Right) look upon the recently completed chapel before the dedication.
Above: Bishop Frank J. Dewane stands before the new altar on dedication day.
Above: The priests vesting before the great event.
Above" Bishop Frank J. Dewane blessing the chapel.
Above: The priests in the sacristy. We still do not know who Fr. Fausto is holding his arm around to his right. Possibly his guardian angel?
Above: The first Mass. I was in awe taking these pictures, knowing that Christ was building up his Church before my very eyes.
Above: The bishop gives a blessing and meets with the people.
 Above: Fr. Justin Nolan, FSSP says a private Mass at Christ the King.
Above: The crowning of Our Lady before first communions. 2009
Above: Father James Fryar, FSSP with the altar boys and first communicants.
Above: Part of the fun of being the photographer is that you can be places where your not supposed to be! Here Fr. Brian Austin and Fr. James Fryar confer before Christ the King's first confirmations. They look so serious. "The bishop is coming!"
Above: In another place I shouldn't be. The bishop, the priests and the altar boys before the confirmations.
Above: Bishop Frank J. Dewane celebrates confirmations.
Above: Fr. Fryar installing the stations of the cross.
Above: Fr. Fryar blessing with the holy relics.
Above: Fr. Fryar baptizing Alexander.
Above: Good Friday 2010. Fr. Gregory Pendergraft, Fr. James Fryar and Fr. Howard Venette.
Above: Exposing the Crucifix for veneration.
Above: Fr. Gregory Pendergraft outside at the Holy Fire on Easter Vigil 2010.
Above: Lighting the Paschal candle.
Above: The raising of the chalice, Easter Vigil.
Above: Fr. Venette, Fr. Pendergraft and Fr. Fryar after the Easter Vigil.

Above: Fr. Fryar at the kids Easter egg hunt with his custom made Easter egg basket! He's probably going to hate me for putting this one up! Sorry Father.
Above: The flower girls, Felicity and Jo Jo.
Above: We have a wedding!
Above: First communions 2010.
Above: Fr. Josef M. Bisig, FSSP visits and gives a talk on our one year anniversary.
Above: Fr. Vennette and Fr Fryar present the cake that looks just too good to eat!
Above: Fr. Fryar with his Big Joe birthday cake.
Above: Fr. Venette incensing the Holy Gospels on the feast of St. Peter and Paul.
Above: We love the incense!
 Above: One of the four stained glass windows in our sanctuary.


Rev. Fr. J. Fryar FSSP said...

Awesome photos! We've done so much in one year!!!

Matthew Bellisario said...

Thanks for making it all happen Father!