Sunday, September 12, 2010

Catholics Continue to lower the Drawbridge- Blessing Qurans at Cathedral!

Just when you though things couldn't get worse you get something like this!

Muslims, Druids attend blessing of Korans at Sacramento Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

I am so furious at this point, perhaps I will wait to comment further before I write something super- uncharitable. Perhaps you can just read my latest article here. That kind of says it all. Unbelievable!


KnotWilbur said...

Matthew, you have my sympathy. Abysmal does not begin to cover. Those who participated, do you think that they realize, truly, what they are doing? I am beside myself over it. All I can think is, I will pray for them tonight. And for us all.

James Swan said...

Hang in there Matthew!

Alexander Greco said...

Unlike some blog commentators who are unable to distinguish between those clerics who do not follow Church teachings from the Catholic teachings themselves, and subsequently immaturely leave the Church, we know better.

Thanks James.

Alexander Greco said...


What I said above is precisely the reason why when certain blog commentators bring up horrendous atrocities like pedophilia as a means of impugning the entire character of the Church, and not properly attributing those heinous activities to the actual perpetrators instead, such apologetic tactics are not convincing but rather indicate the desperateness and immaturity of the commentator.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Well said.