Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Recommended Music Selections For Catholics

With the degradation of music in today's culture, you may be looking for some traditional Catholic music to listen to. Here are a few of my favorite CDs which I have loaded onto my iPod.

The Divine Liturgy-Capella Romana
If you want to listen to a wonderfully recorded Byzantine Liturgy in English, then this 2 CD set is for you. It also comes with an informative 40 page booklet. You can buy it here.

Chant Wars-Sequentia
This disc contains different forms of Medieval chant. It also has a nice 43 page book. You can learn more here, and it can be bought on Amazon.
Cycles of Grace- Fr. Apostolos Hill
This 2 CD set contains Byzantine hymns from the Great Feasts of the Eastern Church in English. Check it out here.

Fragments- Theatre of Voices
I love this CD! It has several different types of chant on it. Amazon used to have it on CD, and you can listen to samples of it there. It can be downloaded there as well. You will have to hunt to find the CD.

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