Monday, August 23, 2010

New Blog- Coalition for Thomism

I would like to draw your attention to a new blog group called the "Coalition for Thomism." I will be posting articles pertaining this particular subject of Thomism over on that blog along with other contributors. I will also link them under the sidebar of this blog under the Moral Theology Series. So far we have 3 contributors to the blog and hopefully more will be joining. If you agree with the premise that the blog is built upon, and you feel that you can make a contribution to the promotion of traditional Thomism, then send me an email. ( The inaugural post is quoted below. 

Welcome to the Coalition for Thomism blog page. Since the dawn of the 1960s, there has been a lack of focus on traditional Thomistic theology and philosophy throughout the Catholic Church. There have been many theologians that have conveniently used the label of “Thomist” to further their theological errors, yet retain little if any adherence to Thomistic principles. Instead many theologians in the Church have adopted modern philosophical principles which have ultimately sewn confusion among the faithful. As a result we now have theologians rejecting the foundational principles of the Natural Law which the Church has always held in high esteem to help determine proper moral theology. 

Instead we now have “New Natural Law” theorists and “New Theologians” that reject core Thomistic principles which tend to lead to erroneous theological errors such as the misunderstanding of human dignity, the misunderstanding of social justice issues such as the rash and misguided pursuit of the abolishment of the state’s right to exact Capital Punishment. Numerous other errors stem from the loss of these foundational Thomistic principles, among them the propensity for ambiguity, which allows more than one conclusion to be drawn in areas of theology where there should be no room for multiple conclusions, or the overemphasis of lesser principles and truths over foundational principles and truths. This problem of ambiguity can be seen in a majority of documents released over the past 40 years or so, some more so than others. 

Following the lead of Pope Leo XIII, this coalition strives to bring forth the renewal of traditional Thomistic philosophical and theological thought to the minds of Catholics so that we may dispel the confusion and ambiguity that plague the minds of the Catholic faithful today. In order to do this we will strive to bring forth discussions of crucial issues affecting the Church today, as well as promote the best traditional Thomistic sources available.

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