Monday, August 2, 2010

James White Cartoon

I was sent a link to this cartoon. I thought it was quite comical with the little pasted head of White on the cartoon. It was made by a Protestant, who apparently vehemently disagrees with Dr. White's brand of Protestantism. Although it represents the Calvinist position in a very oversimplified, inaccurate manner, I thought I would share it with you for some comic relief demonstrating the disunity of the Protestant sects. J. Oakely White: Hyper-Calvinism Today by null

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!


Nick said...

I think it was done in pretty bad taste, even if the main point were true (that there really isn't a real distinction between 'hyper' and 'normal' Calvinism).

It was a mockery of someone's character, which doesn't fit in the 'apologetics' category and something Catholics should avoid as slanderous/cruel. It would be akin to making a movie of the pope or a priest wearing a diaper and running around. It's not just wrong, it gives Catholic apologetics a bad name.

Protestants can fight among themselves.

scotju said...

It's my understanding that James White is a member of a Calvinistic group within the Sothern Baptist Convention called Founders. This group wants to take over the SBC and make it exclusively Calvinistic. Mr Lumpkins, who posted this video on his site, has been an opponnent of JW and Founders for years. He, and many other SB'ers, don't want a Calvin takeover for two main reasons: they believe Calvinism kills Baptist church life and they utterly despise James White because of his unChristian behaviour toward anyone who disagrees with him. To these folks, JW is their Mark Shea. If you want the full story of White's behaviour among the Southern Baptist, visit Mr Lumpkins site, type James White into the search engine, and you'll see an old story that is so familiar to us Catholic bloggers in dealing with White and his lackeys. "You sir, are a liar!" You sir, are unregenerate!" Yep, ol'Whitey treats his own just as bad as he and his bootlickers treat us! I hope the Lumpkins types can prevent White and his Founder buds from taking control of the SBC. The thought of a froth-at-the mouth anti-Catholic bigot gaining control or influence over the nation's largest Protestant denomination frightens me.

peter lumpkins said...

Gentlemen & brothers,

Thanks for posting the video here. A few clarifications if I could.

First, parodies are not necessarily disrespectful nor do parodies inherently mock someone's character. Parodies have been a communication tool throughout history in one form or another to communicate strong statements. And, the statement I attempted to communicate had little to do with Mr. White's character per se than the projection of certain fundamental ideas, ideas most in my faith community find highly repulsive.

Second, to compare the parody as similar to a Catholic making a spoof of the papal vicar hardly follows. In our circles, we have no close parallel to papal authority. And, if we did, I am not so dissent-minded that I would actually make a parody of such a universally accepted authority. Heck, I wouldn't even do such of the president of Southern Baptist Convention for sheer respect of the office.

Anyways, from my side of the street, parodies are similar to telling jokes: either you get it or you don't.

Thanks again. Peace and grace.
With that, I am...
Peter Lumpkins