Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI Celebrates The Latin Mass in Private?

I just was told about this German news article by a friend of mine concerning Pope Benedict XVI and his private use of the Latin Mass. We have heard repeatedly rumors that Pope Benedict XVI celebrates the Latin Mass in private, and it seems that this German news article confirms the same. I am not sure what type of tabloid it is, but apparently Bishop Fellay of the SSPX has said that Pope Benedict says the Latin Mass in private, but staunch opposition to the Latin Mass by the bishops of the world keeps him from doing so in public. I used Babelfish to translate the title of the news article and it translates, "An Italian bishop wants to drop out of the church, if the Pope publicly in the old person celebrates rite - bishop Bernard Fellay in a lecture reported." The article continued to explain, "During a priest conference in Italy a clergyman that its bishop had threatened, to leave the Church if the Pope celebrates publicly in the Old Rite." Below is part of a translation of the article that was sent to me.

*Bishop Fellay says, " the Holy Father celebrates the old Mass privately" and that an Italian Bishop has said he will leave the Church if he celebrates it publicly. Bishop Fellay said this in a speech at the 2010 priestly ordinations.* ( Pope Benedict XVI. And his secretary George Gaenswein celebrate the old Mass. This is according to the General Superior of the Society of Pius X, Bishop Bernard Fellay, in a speech in the 8th of July in the Brazilian city of Bahia..

This celebration will not be done because of inner-Church resistance against the old Mass.

Msgr Fellay also mentioned in his talk an example of the battle against the Roman Rite.

At a priest conference in Italy reported a priest, that his bishop had threatened to leave the church if the Pope ever publicly said the old Mass.

Msgr Fellay: "The Bishop leads a war against the old Mass." Simultaneously, he sees a line of good Bishops and priests, At least the heart is in the right place said Bishop Fellay about Benedict XVI., that he has a Catholic heart and loves tradition, but suffers from a progressivist understanding.

Benedict XVI. is trying to save the Vatican Council at any price.

The Bishop also said that part of the Roman Curia and the neoconsevative led State-Secretariat have torpedoed traditional initiatives of the Pope.

As an example the Bishop described the traditionally restored Trappist Abbey of Mariawald in the German Alps. The Pope had already permitted them to retirn to the old discipline and liturgy. Actually the secretary of State has intentionally set the Decree aside.

Indeed the Bishop sees also that there are a great number of Prelates in the Curia who are well-disposed to the Societ Pius X. In the Cathedral of St. Peter's there are 20 old Masses celebrated daily.

*Three Examples for the Decline*

Finally, Msgr Fellay illustrated the decline of the Church since the Vatican Council with a few examples.

He cited a chancellor of the Diocese of Trier. He has made known that 80% of the priests in the diocese deny the real presence of Christ in the Host.

In the Diocese Langres in north-east France every priest is entrusted with 60 parishes.

In the United States the number of religious men and women have shrunken to 10% of their original numbers.


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