Thursday, July 15, 2010

Catholic- Robert Sungenis Debates "Reformed"- Protestant Matt Slick

Listen here to a radio debate (more like a spirited discussion) between Catholic apologist Robert Sungenis and a "Reformed" apologist Matt Slick. You can also watch it over on Robert's site, and the links are there as well.  I have never heard a guy do as much dancing around the arguments as this guy Matt Slick did. Among the highlights, Sungenis called Slick out on in his use of Greek on some Scripture passages, such as Luke 1:28. You can hear the frustration in Slick's voice as he keeps getting refuted over and over again. It is even more evident when you watch it. Slick also could not give any coherent reason as to why he even believed the Bible was God's written Word, and he also had no clue as to how the priesthood worked in the Old Testament.

Sungenis corrected Slick when he accused Catholics of "working" their way into heaven. Slick demonstrated that he did not understand the Catholic teaching regarding faith and works. Yet, how can one reject the Catholic Church when one doesn't even understand what it teaches? Sadly this is what many people do. They reject the Catholic Church without understanding her core doctrines. Finally Slick, out of frustration decided to make false comparisons between Catholics and Mormons as well as other cults. If you really want see how bankrupt Protestantism is, take an hour and listen to this first debate. Even though the debate was quite spirited, they both were able to keep it clean and respectful.

Matt Slick invited Robert to come back on the show again to continue their discssion. Here is that radio debate, where they continue on discussing topics on Catholicism, such as justification. Again, Sungenis did a great job of making a strong case for the Catholic faith. There are some dead spots and audio cuts in the second discussion.


Matt said...

These are very good debates to listen to because they demonstrate that a full understanding of one's faith is necessary for holding a theological position on aspects of the faith. These debates are very similar to the debates Mr. Slick had with Mark Bonocore. Thank you for sharing this information!

andres barreiro said...
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