Thursday, July 22, 2010

Book and DVD Recommendation: Where Did the Bible Come From?

There is a great book and DVD set produced by Real Catholic TV that every Catholic household should own, it is called "Where Did the Bible Come From?" The compact book is 100 pages and is a companion to the 3 DVD set that covers the subject of the Biblical Canon and its place in the Catholic Church. The first  2 DVDs, a well produced documentary covering the Biblical Canon and the interpretation of Sacred Scripture within the Church is full of great information. The 3rd DVD is an actual lecture given by Michael Voris called "Why Does Bible History Matter?" In it Michael throws down a challenge to all those who reject the Catholic Church. He also addresses many popular Protestant fallacies such as their belief of the self authenticating Scriptures, etc. All 3 DVDs are about an hour long. If you want a great solid overview of this particular subject I cannot recommend it enough.

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