Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thomas Aquinas Resources Top 10

Jan 28th is the feast of Saint Thomas! If you are interested in reading some serious scholarly books about Saint Thomas and his theology, I have put together a source list for you. It is extremely important to be familiar with Saint Thomas' historical background, his education and the mentality, style and form from which he penned his great theological works. Many "apologists" today cut and paste from the Summa Theologiae as if it is a modern theological encyclopedia. This is a critical mistake to make concerning the great Angelic Doctor's works. For those of you who want more than the pop-apologetics books offer, I suggest these 10 books to start off with. This will give you a good basic foundation to start using the works of Aquinas in an intelligent manner. There are many other great books on this subject as well, but these are great to start off with. Before you even crack open the Summa Theologiae, or any of his works for that matter, you have to possess a solid foundation to work from.

1. Saint Thomas Aquinas: The person and His Work- Jean-Pierre Torrell
2. Saint Thomas Aquinas: Spiritual Master- Jean-Pierre Torrell
3. Aquinas's Summa: Background, Structure, & Reception- Jean-Pierre Torrell
4. Saint Thomas Aquinas: A Biographical Study- Angelus Walz
5. Trinity in Aquinas- Giles Emery, OP
6. Aquinas on Scripture- Thomas Weinandy
7. Aquinas on Doctrine- Thomas Weinandy
8. Thomas Aquinas Theologian- Thomas F. O'Meara, OP
9. Modus Et Forma- Christopher T. Baglow
10. Thomas Aquinas and the Liturgy- David Berger

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