Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Book of Eli Movie Review

I don't post many movie reviews, but occasionally its fun to do. I saw The Book of Eli this evening, and it was quite entertaining. Although it's not a masterpiece, it did instill an appreciation for having  the Sacred Scriptures available to us in such abundance today. Most people have the Scriptures available to them in their own homes, but spend little time reading and digesting them on a regular basis. In fact, most people that I know have more than one copy. The movie depicts an apocalyptic world, in which only one known copy of the Scriptures survive.  Of course it becomes a prized and sought after treasure, by both the good and the evil. The movie is not one of intense dramatic dialogue, and the action sequences are what keep you entertained. The movie also has a nice twist at the end. It is rare for something to come out of Hollywood that actually promotes an appreciation of the Sacred Scriptures. There are some underlying tones in the film that can be interpreted a variety of ways. If you enjoy an entertaining action film that instills an appreciation for the Sacred Scriptures, then I recommend checking it out. After watching it you might want to go home and crack open the Scriptures!

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