Thursday, December 17, 2009

Worship of Man Instead of Worship of God.

The old saying goes, "Pictures speak a thousand words." These two pictures tell the story of the perversion of the liturgy by the "Reformers." In the Catholic and Orthodox liturgies, God is the center point of worship, while the pompous Protester parks himself in the center of the "church" as the primary focus of worship. One is an authentic liturgy, the other man made. Christ Himself is present in the apostolic liturgical tradition, while Christ is absent in the counterfeit. The authentic is Christ centered, the counterfeit, man centered. These pictures indeed speak a thousand words.

Above a Calvinist heretic parks himself in the center of the hall and presumes to bark out his own private opinions about the Scriptures.

Below, a Catholic priest offers honor and worship to Christ Himself who is at the center of the liturgy.

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Alex said...

The end product of man-centered Protestant created sola scriptura.