Thursday, October 29, 2009

A "Reformed" Protestant and His Vibe, Confirms The 66 Book Canon

A few days back I commented on a guy who calls himself Turretin Fan. He is a "Reformed" apologist who spends a great deal of his time on the internet attacking Catholics, and the Catholic Church with lame charges. One of his followers that frequently leaves comments on his blog site, recently commented as to why he thinks that he knows why the 66 book Biblical Canon is the correct one. It is truly one of the most absurd arguments ever recorded on the blogosphere. It is all about the emotional feeling, or the vibe he gets when he reads the Protestant 66 book canon. We should also note that Turretin Fan posted the writing on his blog after moderating it, and never thought to correct the poor guy on the matter. Maybe TF agrees with him on the matter, who knows? Here is what he had to say. There is not much I need to write about it. I just wanted to share with you yet another example of how misinformed and spiritually bankrupt these people are. I know that I poke a little fun at these guys, but we really need to pray for them. The guy who wrote this comment on Turretin Fan's blog calls himself Natamllc. I added my comments in between parentheses in bold type.

What makes these 66 Books of Scripture the Sacred Writ is the Fruit of the Spirit of God that comes with them.

It is the Spirit of God that manifests His Own Fruit by His Spiritual Presence upon the hearts of His Children. And it is this Self same Presence and Anointing that rests upon these 66 Books too.

I have a St. Joseph's Bible which has the additional writings. For me, I just find my spirit going cold reading it. I wonder why?

(We have to wonder what spirit is moving him. It certainly isn't a holy one, that is for sure. I can just imagine the earliest Fathers of the Church passing books back and forth asking each other, "How does this one feel to you?", the other one answering, "Its kind of cold, lets throw this one out!")

I can make this assertion as to why with the Words of the 66th Book of the Bible, which itself bears out the "Fruit" of the Sacredness and completeness of the Writings:::>

Rev 22:18 I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book,
Rev 22:19 and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.

(Does he not realize that this particular passage refers to the Book of Revelation? Also, he doesn't realize that if we are to apply this to the whole Biblical Canon, he is the one breaking what was written in Rev 22:18. Removing 7 books from the Canon based on how you feel apparently doesn't qualify for this guy.)

Since God is Living and Active and and has Emotion and He manifests His Own Fruit Sovereignly and since I am continually eating and drinking the Fruit of His Living and Active Word, daily, I find His intimate Presence is not with me when reading the St. Joseph texts of 73 books though His intimate Presence is always with me when reading any number of Translations of the Bible containing only the texts of the 66 Books, I have to conclude He is expressing His Emotions by His Presence making it clear which Bible He wants me reading.

(God reveals what His Divine Revelation is, by people's emotions? I wonder if the early Church did the emotion test on each book to determine which books were and were not Scripture? Does Scripture tell us to follow our emotions to determine what truth is, and what it is not? What about Proverbs 28:26 "He who trusts in his own heart is a fool," But for this guy, it is all about him and his emotions, which he thinks are coming from God when he reads Scripture. He determines the Canon of God's Holy Writ by how he feels about it when he reads it. This poor man really needs prayer. When he reads the complete Bible he just doesn't get that warm fuzzy feeling like he does when he reads the abbreviated one. We can all imagine what state the Church would be in if we all went on how we felt about things, and ran the Church on our emotions. I also find it funny that he tells us that it makes no difference as to what translation he uses as long as it contains the 66 books in it! I guess as long as the title page says the name of the book on it, and the table of contents matches, you are good. It doesn't matter that the translation is no where near the original text in meaning or in textual accuracy. As long as it has 66 books in it, its fine with this guy. He is getting the vibe man, its all good. We can hear the Beach Boys singing now, "Good, good, good, good vibrations.....")

But whoever walks wisely will be delivered.

(We can see that a person who is going to try and determine the Biblical Canon by how they "feel" about it, is not walking wisely. He is simply delusional.)

You shall know them by their fruit.

(We can see the fruit that the "Reformers" have left in their wake over the last 500 years or so, and there is no good fruit to be found. But as long as they feel good about it emotionally, then its good enough for them. I'm picking up bad vibes man. Pray for these guys.)


Jen D said...

Hilarious. That is definitely a contender for most absurd blog comment ever. And they ask how you can present your arguments with a straight face... :-)

Anonymous said...

(Protestant here.) Anyone who claims to believe in the Catholic (that's what it is) canon for any reason other than that the Catholic church said so is either a dishonest oaf or a moron (if not both at once).

You can't claim to believe this book is the perfect word of God based on evidence. Anyone with a shred of intilligence knows that rulers ARE a terror to good works contrary to the claim in Romans 13 and DO NOT punish evil doers. (We've got a slew of childmolestors and other criminals roaming free in the USA.) Ok. And what about the virgin birth? Anyone who can read can see that Isaiah 7-8 are about a child born in Ahaz' lifetime who was a sign of when the kings of Samaria and Damascus contemporary to Ahaz would be defeated. Anyone can further see that Matt 2:23 says there is an OT prophecy "he shall be called a Nazarene" but it simply doesn't exist! And although Matthew uses Hosea 11:1 as a propchecy of Jesus, even a child can see it is a histroical statement about the Exodus!

How can the Holy Spirit give you a warm feeling to prove that this book is perfect when it isn't perfect? And it isn't! You only believe this book because the POPE told you to, Turretin-worshipper, and you know it!

Now "Paul's" epistle to the Romans also teaches BOTH justification by faith alone and justification by works alone (yes indeed!) and anyone who doesn't get a weird feeling from that and question the book's authenticity is nuts.

The fact is the Catholics took Marcion's canon of one gospel and ten "Pauline" (more like Markionine) epistles and Catholified it, burned all the copies of Marcion's Bible, then took their human creation 66-book canon and said "this book fell from heaven, Turretinfan--believe in it and become one of us." But Turretinfan said "I believe in the book. Thanks. But I'm going to use it against you and destroy you with it. Haha!"

So let it be written, for so it was done.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Hey, we know where the crazy guy is that escaped from the psych-ward. I just love conspiracy theories.

Alex said...

This guy/gal natamllc is clearly a few french fries short of a Happy Meal. Read some more pensées de natamllc below:

Anonymous said...

Tertullian states their are mutual incriminations between the Catholics and Marcionites on the point of the narrative of Jesus' birth. The Catholics say Marcion removed it and the Marcionites say the Catholics added it. So, this is no conspiracy but the first rational investigation of the subject you've ever see. As far back as 208 we have two ecclesiastical bodies each claiming the other changed the scriptures. If we appraoch the subject without being biased in favor of one or the other and just look at the evidence then we will see who was telling the truth in their accusations against the other and who was lying. The fact that Isaiah 7-8 is about a child born in Isaiah's own time, that Micah 5 is about a physical deliverer to defend Palestine against Assyrian incursions, that Hosea 11:1 is about the Exodus, and that Rachel weeping (Jer31?) Is about exile not death, that "he shall be called a Nazarene" doesn't even exist, and yet 'Matthew' in the Catholic canon makes all of these out to be prophecies related to Jesus' birth---the fact this is the case shows that the virgin birth is a fiction invented based on a horrible mangling of the Old Testament. This unbiased analysis which deals with THE EVIDENCE proves the Marcionites were telling the truth in saying the Catholics made it up and added it and the Catholics were lying in saying Marcion removed it. Now this textual evidence which shows the whole virgin birth is fiction based on mangling and inventing of OT prophecy is the only evidence we have about the virgin birth and its all negative!!! So unless you can produce the bodies of both Mary and Jesus and prove by a DNA test that she's his mother and by a uteran examination that she's a virgin, then you've got nothing. But since the tomb is empy and he's risen, you'll have no luck with that. What I speak is FACT. Your religion is a conspiracy theory and a fiction. Marcionism is the real deal.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Marcionism is heresy. You don't know your history pal. Your theory doesn't even hold up to the New Testament Text itself. Seriously, what do you know about the heresy of Marcionism?

Anonymous said...

The word 'heresy' means nothing more than that the Roman Emperors who funded the Catholic church told them to eradicate a doctrine because their wordly hides didn't like it. Do you actually have the intellectual honesty to read the OT passages that the Catholic editor has mangled in the first two chapters of Matthew to construct his fictional birth story? No. I do. That's why you believe in the Catholic heresy that Pagan Rome invented and I believe in the truth.