Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When Protestants Attack III: Steve Hays and His Temper Tantrum!

I knew when I started this string that I would get some backlash from some Protestants. I expected at least to get some rational arguments from these guys. But this guy Steve Hays over at Trialblogue has really been melting down since I pointed out his flawed analogy that he made on the Church. I really have to shake my head at this guy. After pointing out Steve's bad analogy in his attack on the Papacy, now Hays has resorted to attacking priests and trying to use another Red Herring to make himself feel better. This guy is really sick. He also makes some character attacks on me as well. He makes some generalizations on my career choices and so forth which he has no clue about. It amazes me that when these guys don't have an argument all they can do is make sick character attacks. He went and hunted out another blog of mine on a completely different topic! Then he attacked that! He couldn't win a religious debate so now he has gone off the deep end.

You can read his latest demented post at his blog. Here is my challenge to Hays. Anytime you want to debate a topic with actual arguments, I am here. As far as your sick comments on the priesthood, I wouldn't throw stones in glass houses. Here are some of his comments from his latest post. This is what happens when you challenge an argument made by Steve Hays. He gets his feelings hurt and he responds with this infantile rant. I'll let the readers decide who has the arguments and who is acting like a 12 year old who just got in trouble with his dad. Calling me a "baby faced Ax killer?" This is something that a kid in third grade kid might use. Who knows, maybe his kid got on his computer while he was watching the Discovery Channel or something?

"Da champ (aka Matthew “the Baby-Faced Ax-killer” Bellisario) wants to be a criminologist when he grows up."

"I don’t see the website for snapnetwork.org (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests), or the website for BishopAccountability.com, or the website for Voice of the Faithful (www.votf.org/)."

I ask, and ask again. Real arguments please!


The Plutonian said...

I saw Steve Hays' Personal Attack Against you in Trollblog. I feel that this is one of the many instances of Hate Speech that Hays has posted on his pseudo-Christain Blog.

Fortunately, you do have a remedy. Go to the top of his blog, Hit the FLAG BLOG button, and use Hate Speech as your grounds, though impersonating a Troll is also legitimate grounds.

I have posted this suggestion before, and Steve went balistic. Actually, I was flattered by his PERSONAL ATTACK, which he still has posted, even though some of my language has been heavily edited out. He also fears the suggestion about the FLAG BLOG button, as he usually takes it down within an hour of it's posting. He obviously fears that the Host, I Power Blogs will deem that Trollblog has breached their hosting agreement and eliminate it.

In any event, I shall cross-post this to Trollblog. I invite you to use the FLAG BLOG button, with the hope that Trollblog recieves the measure of justice do to them for their misdeeds, thus clearing the blogosphere for serious Christain blogs.

Anonymous said...

Why do you use a crybaby for Hays? Wouldn't a CHICKEN be more to the point?

Alex said...

From the cognitively impaired at Triablogue: "Notice that MS exhibits the bunker mentality which made the priestly abuse scandal possible in the first place. This doglike loyalty to the institution directly contributes to institutional corruption. At this rate you have to wonder if MS would hold the altar boy down while the “shepherd” sodomizes the sheep."

This guy really has some sick issues in his head to deal with, which are grounded in intellectual immaturity and venomous irrational hatred. He has that insecure internet-bully mentality, believing himself secure due to the physical distance between himself and his opponent. We all know what they say about assumptions, but I feel that Steve never tiers making an ass out of himself. Instead of focusing on the actual topic, Steve pretends to be an all-knowing sage able to infer attitudes and positions of Matt in which he really hasn’t the slightest proof that they exist. This guy Steve really is a troll. We are told by Gene and the rest of those clowns that Triablogue is the bastion of intellectual supremacy found in the blogosphere. Well if this is what is to be considered as intellectual supremacy for those “bible college” graduates and their intellectual elites, then I’m proud not to be associated with them.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Steve Hays has apparently come unglued! I thought some of these other guys were bad, this guy is really the bottom of the barrel. He really should see a shrink.

The Plutonian said...

Alex & Matthew:

That Steve is unhinged is undeniable. That is why you must keep up the pressure. Did you notice how he backs down each time the FLAG BLOG button is mentioned, and how he changes the subject afterward? That's because he fears it.

Notice also how Peter Pike, Matamllc, or some other Sock Puppet seems to show up when Steve needs them most? Check their bios and they are blank. That's how I know that they are Sock Puppets. I love to heckle Sock Puppets as Sock Puppets. that riles them.

When things get hot, notice how they quit.

DOn't forget to use that FLAG BLOG button.