Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Robert Sungenis Openly Challenges James White to Debate Predestination/Purgatory

There are many of us who would love to see another live debate between Robert Sungenis and James White. In my opinion, White has not done well against Sungenis in live debate, so he has avoided another debate with him for some time. Well, Robert has openly challenged White once again. This challenge comes as a result of White's recent attacks of a brief writing that Robert penned on the Catholic teaching of purgatory. If James White can go on his blog and ridicule Robert in a public forum, then he most certainly should be able to back up his accusations in a live debate, no? Will White accept the challenge from Robert? Probably not, since White has time and time again given weak excuses to avoid losing another public debate with him. Here is Robert's response to White. Here is the instigating post that White put up on his blog. Personally, I think it is time to see another good debate between White and Sungenis. Let me know where the debate will be held, I will be there!

Below is the final paragraph of Robert's response to White.

"Incidentally, my apostolate has asked White to debate the above issues concerning Predestination at least four times in the last six years, but he has declined at each request. So now that he has reopened the debate by citing one of my answers on Purgatory, perhaps he will reconsider, since, as we see above, White’s views on Predestination and the Atonement directly affect everything else White believes about the Christian faith, including his aversion to Purgatory and Indulgences. As I’ve learned in my 40 years of ministry, either a theology can hang together in all its parts, or it cannot hang together at all. Let’s see which of us has the religion that can hang all together. I once again challenge James White to debate these issues in a public forum."

Robert Sungenis
August 27, 2009


Alex said...

I wouldn't hold my breath. White has been keeping a whole file on excuses as to why he will not debate Sungenis.

Sungenis is this...Sungenis is that...blah...blah...blah, but he's good enough to address on Alpha and Omega. As long as White isn't in the same room with Sungenis, he won't have to risk having his arguments challenged in real time. Maybe he can have Sungenis call the DL so he can hang up on him. Or, he can actually debate Sungenis and defeat Sungenis' arguments once and for all. Oh the assessment of risks and benefits...hum, might be too much risk for White&Co. Better to just keep debating the "Poison Poster Guy" who's friends with Steve Ray.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why White and his minions are silent on Sungenis's challenge to debate him on Predestination and Purgatory. Usually, guys from Aomin and BeggarsAllReformation would write an article about Sungenis when he says something about an issue. But it's been almost a month since that challenge and I haven't seen/read any reaction from the other camp.

-Filipino Catholic

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

I highly doubt James White will debate him. I'm a Muslim and I was keenly interested in the debate(s) about Sola Scriptura. We as Muslims have questioned Dr. White on what authority does scripture rest? For example who decides what goes in the New Testament and what does not?

In his debate with Ehrman he got whipped pretty badly too. Hence his debate with Ehrman is not posted for all and sundry.

I have had allot more respect for the Catholic Church after seeing many of it's apologist go toe to toe with Protestants.

Turretinfan said...

Dr. White has tentatively accepted the challenge, and they are trying to work out the details (mutually acceptable, place, time, and format).

The Ehrman debate is available for all and sundry (DVD format - Audio CD - MP3).


Laurence Gonzaga said...

In my emails on behalf of Dr. Sungenis to Dr. White, the response I received was an affirmative

1. Time: September 2010
2. Dr. White is willing to have more than one debate
3. It will be in Santa Fe, NM in Dr. White's church

That's all we have so far.

Laurence Gonzaga
CAI Media Director

CathApol said...

The debate on Purgatory between White and Sungenis was held last week in Oregon. It was broadcast live, and I recorded it, but the sound quality is not very good. I have not had a chance to listen to the debate yet. I have not heard if either participants have made the debate available for download (and hopefully in better quality than the live broadcast).

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