Saturday, April 4, 2009

Exorcism: A Quick Look

I have had the opportunity to assist at an exorcism. It was quite an experience to say the least. All Catholics should have some exposure to this subject. Since most of the time spiritual warfare is unseen it is a good reminder that demonic possession is real, and the Catholic Church is really the only effective means to deliver such a person from it. I heard a story from an exorcist who heard the demons shriek out of an individual during an exorcism he was conducting. When the bishop walked in, a demon cried out in agony, "Oh no here is the apostle!" And so it is that the apostolic succession that is passed down from the apostles through Christ is what the Church is built on.

I have read several books on the subject and wanted to tell you about a few of them in brief.

The newest arrival on the subject is called The Rite by Matt Baglio. It follows the history of an exorcist who went to Rome to study the subject by the request of his bishop. I am not finished yet but so far it is very good.

Another good book is called The Dark Sacrament by David Keily. The book contains many exorcism stories as told by an Anglican priest and a Catholic priest. One of the stories that I found interesting was a boy that found a Quija board and became possessed by playing with it over and over. Unfortunately the boy became a willing host and up to the printing of the book was still possessed. This is a good read.

I also liked Interview with an Exorcist by Jose Antonio Fortea. It explains the ins and out of exorcism. It is written in Q&A format and is an easy, but interesting read.

Finally we can't forget about Fr Amorth's books An Exorcist Tells His Story and More Stories.

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Jen D said...

Nice book reviews! They all look very scary though...