Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Countdown to Dedication Day: Christ the King Chapel, Sarasota.

Anticipation grows for Catholics in Sarasota Florida who adore the Latin Mass. The dedication day of April 19th for the Chapel of Christ the King in Sarasota, Florida is a monumental day in the recent history of the Catholic Church in the US. Although the chapel is relatively small in size, it is sending a large ripples throughout the Church.

The final cleanup of the chapel is being carried out as we speak. Final touches are also being made on the sound system and other peripherals. Father James Fryar has been working with several seminarians who will be present on Sunday for the dedication as well. Here are a few more pictures to wet your appetite. On Monday I will have a full article and pictures covering the landmark event. As far as I know this will be the only dedicated Latin Mass church in the state of Florida. This church is an answer to many years of prayer made by many individuals. While seating may be limited, all are invited to attend. There is an overflow room that will hopefully accommodate all guests. The ceremony begins at 9AM at the chapel located at 1900 Meadowood St. Sarasota FL. You can also visit for more pictures and information.

Father James Fryar FSSP and Vincent Beck pose in front of the new ambo. Vincent did all of the work on the main altar, the window casings, the sacristy and other decorative woodwork in the church.

Father James Fryar FSSP and Father Justin Nolan FSSP stand before the new sacristycredens.

Father James Fryar FSSP tries out the ambo.

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Amanda L. Smith said...

The Latin mass at St. Martha's was the reason why I converted to the Catholic church in 2001.

Fr. Fryar is such a blessing to all of us.

Tomorrow morning will be the start of a wonderful day and a new beginning!