Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Former Prime Minister Alain Juppé (UMP) A Fool!

In recent news (Rorate Caeli) this pompous ass has the audacity to criticize the Holy Father and the Catholic Church's position on the use of condoms. He says, "this pope is becoming a real problem" because he is living “in a situation of total autism....."To go say in Africa that condoms increase the danger of AIDS is, first of all an untruth and it is inacceptable for the African people and for everyone else," he continued. "There is a real problem, I feel a profound sense of uneasiness all around me" said Mr. Juppe, who has "the impression" that the pope "lives in a situation of total autism.”

Well how does this genius think that AIDS is spread? Does MR Juppe know that it spreads by having sex, and that condoms promote sexual intercourse among people in Africa that have AIDS? Condoms are not 100% effective and the disease is primarily spread by sexual intercourse. Wow, I just wonder how someone like this clown becomes a Prime Minister in any country outside of Wonderland. There are many studies out there that prove condoms are only 70-85% on preventing STDs if they are used correctly. So it is obvious that the promotion of condom use versus the promotion of abstaining is promoting sexually transmitted diseases. This is an obvious fact since you can't get an STD by abstaining. This former Prime Minister clearly has his own agenda for attacking the Pope. Who is the real problem here? A former Prime Minister who cannot add and subtract or the Holy Father who is encouraging those in Africa to follow God's plan and do it God's way, and not the worlds way? I'll let you decide.

Here is what doctors say and medical studies say..from

"Simply put, condoms fail. And condoms fail at a rate unacceptable for me as a physician to endorse them as a strategy to be promoted as meaningful AIDS protection."

Quote from: ¾ Dr. Robert Renfield, chief of retro-viral research, Walter Reed Army Institute

"You just can’t tell people it’s all right to do whatever you want as long as you wear a condom. It (AIDS) is just too dangerous a disease to say that."

Quote from: ¾ Dr. Harold Jaffee, chief of epidemiology, National Centers for Disease Control

In 1993 the University of Texas analyzed the results of 11 different studies that had tracked the effectiveness of condoms to prevent transmission of the AIDS virus. The average condom failure rate in the 11 studies for preventing transmission of the AIDS virus was 31%.

I ask again, who is the "real problem?"


Nick said...

As Catholics we condemn the Calvinist notion of Total Depravity...but after reading this kind of stuff it makes you wonder.

To imagine such depraved minds are forming social policy, and that these low-lifes have the audacity to spit in the pope's face? If this is not the epitome of a mental disorder and depravity, then I don't know what is.

I am so overjoyed at the Pope's remarks, because the more fury the media shows, the truer the message!
The Pope just put a sword in the heart of the dragon, and the dragon is reacting in total furry.

Look what Catholic Bill Donohue said:
"If condoms were the answer, then why is it that New York City, which under Mayor Michael Bloomberg has given away tens of millions of free condoms, has an HIV rate three times the national average? Furthermore, the promiscuous distribution of condoms in New York has coincided with a spike in sexually transmitted diseases of all sorts.
Isn’t it time we learned that condom worship is irrational?"

LOL, it's "condom worship" plain and simple!

Karen Williams said...

Hi Matthew...great blog; pithy and ever so direct. Thank for speaking truth so eloquently.