Monday, March 30, 2009

Christ the King FSSP Chapel Update: Sarasota Latin Mass

The new FSSP church in Sarasota Florida, 'Christ the King' will open its doors on April 19th, 2009. I posted some information earlier on the new church and the renovations taking place. Today the altar arrived as well as the sacristycredens and fixtures that will adorn the church. I wanted to post a few pictures as progress is made on the church. The dedication of this FSSP church is going to be a historic day indeed.

Father James Fryar FSSP contemplates his first sermon that he will give from the new ambo. .

The bas-relief image of the Annunciation that adorns the altar face.

The altar-rail.

The main altar pieces which will be put in place this week.

Fr. James Fryar FSSP and Fr. Justin Nolan FSSP flank a part of the new sacristycredens which will be custom fit to the sacristy room this week.

Fr. James Fryar marvels at the new cherubim that will cap the ceiling beams coming down the walls.


Andrew W said...

It is so exciting to see it all coming together! Only a couple more weeks!!

Nick said...

I KNEW you'd be the first to have this story up. You guys are lucky to have the FSSP in town.

Marco de Puna said...

This is superb! Many thanks to Bishop Dewane and the priests of FSSP!

God's continues blessings and grace be yours!