Friday, October 31, 2008

The Feast of All Saints.

The Western Church celebrates The Feast of All Saints on Nov 1st. I wanted to post some information on some of my favorites Saints to celebrate it. Unlike the those outside the Church we as Orthodox Catholic Christians celebrate the glory of God and the work he has done in His Saints. When we give honor to the Saints in veneration we give glory to God almighty, for without him we would have no Saints! We can also have the hope of reaching the same level of holiness with God's grace as well.

1. Padre Pio in one of my favorite Saints. Here is a good website to check out on him

2. Saint Maximos (Maximus) the Confesssor is another one of my favorites. He withstood the pressures of heresy in the 7th century and would rather have his tongue cut out than confess a heresy. He was instrumental in fighting the Monothelite heresy which proclaimed that Christ had only a divine will and no human will (Monothelite is derived from the Greek for "one will").

3. Saint Athanasius is also a great Saint of the Church who fought against the great Arian heresy which proclaimed that Christ was not a Divine person.

4. Saint John of Damascus fought against the iconoclast movement in the 8th century. Unfortunately this mentality is alive and well in the heretical Protestant sects.

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Nick said...

This looks like a pretty cool blog.

I noticed you were doing a Sola Scriptura debate but I must have missed it. I didn't notice you mention the issue of "Inscripturation" which Protestants say Sola Scriptura was not in operation during the Apostolic age (while Scripture was being written). I thought you could have made a killing if you mentioned that because there is no good Protestant response.

I didn't see an email so I posted in here, sorry if it is off topic.

Have a great All Saints!