Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bishop Frank J. Dewane supports FSSP, and Pope Benedict's Motu Proprio. New church in Sarasota Florida

Recently Bishop Frank J. Dewane of the Catholic Diocese of Venice Florida has authorized the purchasing of an old Anglican Church for the use of the FSSP. The Church will be of service to the extra-ordinary form of the Mass operated by the FSSP. Fr James Fryar who has been in the Diocese now for almost a year and a half will be the pastor. Another FSSP priest will most probably be joining him next year. Fr. James Fryar FSSP currently says Mass at Saint Martha in Sarasota FL, as well as traveling Ft. Myers and Naples. This is a huge step in the implementation of Pope Benedict's Motu Proprio which called for this acceptance of the Tridentine Liturgy. God bless Bishop DeWane in his efforts to support the Tridentine Liturgy. An open house was held already to display the new facilities. Visit Catholicchampion.com for more photos of the church and visit Venicelatinmass.org for more info on the FSSP in the Diocese of Venice Florida.


Andrew W said...

May God bless His Excellency Bishop Dewane, for fostering and promoting the Mass of the Ages within his diocese!

First, prior to the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, he invited the FSSP into the diocese to administer to the existing TLM community. Then, he broadened the reach of the FSSP's apostolate by encouraging more Extra-ordinary Form Masses in the southern deanery. He even engaged Ave Maria University, on the behalf of students and community members, about the issue of their reluctance to provide for the desire to have the Mass available in the Extra-ordinary Form (which they now have!). Now, he has purchased and given a new church for the exclusive use of the Mass of the Ages - at a time when other dioceses across the US are having to sell off property!

I hope this firmly solidifies the fact that this Bishop is a strong promoter of Catholic orthodoxy, a great shepherd to the people of Christ's Church, and truly a Catholic Champion. What a blessing to the Catholic Church!

God Bless

Frank Luciani said...

Great site here pal. I didn't know the FSSP was in Fl. Great news. This is a great move for the bishop. Maybe we can turn over some rocks and expose some of the liberal nonsense going on. I have a friend near Tampa who just moved down. I will have to let him know. Keep the posts coming. Thanks for the extra info and commentary Andrew, I think you may have a looming career in journalism, cupcake. Take care all...

Just Frankie.

Andrew W said...

Call me what you want, but I only think it right to stand up for our Bishop when he is doing the right thing and standing up for Tradition. This is especially so when people in the diocese (especially those related to Call to Action, Voice of the Faithful, and even supporters of Ave Maria U) want to criticize him.


Frank Luciani said...

Andrew I was applauding your efforts there and your comments. Relax, you seem to be a bit uptight there princess. I agree, we should be applauding the bishop! And I applaud him as well. Regards....Frankie

Jen D said...

The Diocese of Venice is blessed to have such an excellent bishop, and I can't wait to see what the FSSP will make of their new chapel!